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Bring Those Fun bags Here

Bring Those Mangos Here

Ingrid Swenson is a SCORE Beauty from Miami Beach. A slender and stacked golden-haired, she loves to spend time at the beach and beach undress clubs wearing skimpy bikinis that are also constricted for her 34DD love bubbles. Ingrid is married to a SCORE reader who gave her permission to display off her body for our cameras. He too gave her permission to let other guys fuck her good and rock hard on-camera. Now that’s a Boob Brother. Years back, boys did not crave to know the girls were married or had boyfriends but now there is been a tidal shift in attitude by readers and episode viewers.

“My sexual fantasy was to be in a men’s mag and to make a porn episode,” says Ingrid. “Not with a cutie, but with guys with big schlongs.”

Ingrid receives screwed and jizzed inflexible, taking a cock-filling deep and fast in naughty positions. Being married to a SCORE fan raises the question of why be married if she’s plan to acquire banged by other lads, but the same question could be asked of swingers’. The reason is that they want a stable, steady, non-monogamous relationship with a partner and they crave the occasional recent bonk husband for the thrill of it and the excitement of doing it on film for everyone to savour, just adore married SCORE glamour models Kelly Christiansen, Siri, Jayden Prescott, Barbie Kelley and Sharon Pink. And their husbands don’t mind. They can’t live out of to watch their SCORE brides injected with strange dong now and then. One was asked about that and his response was “Kicks.”

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Penis Is Her Tip

Cock Is Her Tip

Tipping your servers is common practice in the United States, but a gal adore Harley Ann isn’t a very demanding server. When this babe serves u drinks, u can keep your wallet in your pants but you are more than welcome to pull your ramrod out. Harley’s latest hardcore pictorial may be her hottest yet. In her view, she’s topping herself with every visit cuz this babe was pleasantly surprised by her 1st shoot.

“I thought they were much better than I reckoned,” the foxy Florida native said. “I think that made me feel even more comfortable in front of the camera this time around. Fucking on-camera anew felt natural to me. I let loose, and I had lots of pleasure.”

That babe got overspread in lots of cum, too–her own, and our friend Juan’s. It all starts with Harley’s epic dick-sucking skills, of course. She’s one of the finest we’ve ever viewed coz this babe takes pride in her cock-handling and genuinely enjoys it.

“I feel sexiest when I’m giving boys head,” Harley told. “As a lady, one of the high reaching feelings in the world is knowing how good you’re making a ladies man feel.”

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Super Freak

Super Freak

Coco Isis is just too much. She has likewise much booty, likewise much sex appeal, her hips do not lie and her thighs need our faces buried betwixt them. Coco is sex on a stick, and we’d do just about everything to make that stick our hard knobs. And this bad little dime piece wouldn’t mind that one bit.

“Yeah, lads try to talk to me all the time,” Coco told. “I’m a flirt, though, so I guess it’s joy. If you have some game, go ahead and talk to me. I like to play.”

And the games Coco can’t live out of to play are all of our favorites. With all due respect to James Brown, this honey is the true Super Freak.

“I do it all,” Coco says with a laugh. “I’ll fuck guys, and I’ll shag honeys, too. So yep, I too adore eating damp pussy and sucking cock. I don’t think you’ll identify a girl who loves anal more than me, either. I just can’t receive sufficient of fucking. Sex is my prefered thing to do.”

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British Rose

British Rose

Fleur is absolutely unknown in North America. SCORE used to film her in England at our former studio in London. This pleasant thing is half French and half English. Her face must be the French part judging by the pouty throat and exotic almond eyes. Fleur’s greater than typical, pointy billibongs appear English.

When Fleur shot this shag scene that babe was twenty-four and measured 42(36DD)-26-34. Her areolae are very prominent and she had good trimmed pussy hair. Fleur worked in an office all day in the marketing field and once said that babe didn’t feel at all hot at work. So Fleur became a stripped glamour model and transitioned to hardcore sex flicks as a indecent little English wench. This babe shot underneath a lot of different names too, including “Rose,” and did tons of lesbian scenes and masturbation vids with larger than average toys.

When Fleur showed up at the studio in London for this XXX meeting, the studio lads didn’t recognize her for a second ‘cuz her str8 hair was given the dreadlock treatment. Fleur is very flaccid and pliant and this came in very handy since her shag partner indeed pinned her to the sofa with his hardon. This chab licks her muff, smth that babe likes, and that babe lifts her legs up in the air and then behind her so his tongue can truly get into her lovely spot.

The porn scene in the U.K. remains very different than in USA. If Fleur were American and had lived in L.A., she’d have made 100 porn clips. According to various sources, Fleur supposedly moved to Tenerife, Spain, a country where a lot of British ex-pats make their home. Everybody we know says that babe no longer models..but u at not time know.

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Sarah’s Bag of Tricks

Sarah's Bag of Tricks

U can feel the energy shift when Sarah Rae enters a room. First, ‘coz that babe is bubbly and vivacious. Sarah’s personality lights up a room when that babe makes an entrance. But if we’re plan to be honest, the real reason the energy shifts when Sarah enters a room is ‘cuz everyone’s staring at ‘em. Her mellons… which are 36JJs and essentially have homing beacons on ‘em. You have no prepossession but to look. With all of the attention her fun bags get, Sarah has developed some big tit tricks, too.

“I’m a adept big-booby bouncer,” that babe said. “It happens on its own when I’m walking, but tons of times when I’m sat in a restaurant I do discover myself doing it. It’s second nature to me now.”

We doubt the await employees or the clientele have any complaints when Sarah begins her booby bounces. Of course, subconscious booby bouncing isn’t the only–or the best–trick Sarah has up her below garment straps. Sarah’s self-suckling of her milk shakes are the ram of legend, and this babe may be the merely hotty bigger at them than the legendary Gya Roberts. From hands-free self-sucks to hands-free, double-tit self-sucks, no one comes close to matching Sarah in this respect. Sarah shows off her titty-sucking prowess in her latest glamour photoshoot, even going as far as sucking her own love bubbles whilst doing a split. No one does it like Sarah.

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Pool side Playmate

Poolside Playmate

The brain melts at the thought of Alaura Grey working at Titties, which this babe told was her favorite job, perhaps until now with her arrival at XL Gals. Can u even imagine plan to a Mangos for a beer and a burger and this babe appears at your table to take your order? Most Meatballs Girls, as glamourous as they are, appear to be to have double-D’s at almost any worthwhile, except for SCORE Angels love Rockell.

“I call my knockers boobs or marangos,” Alaura says. “I used to work at Mounds but I do not call my hooters hooters. I call my snatch ‘my coochie.’ I don’t use the word ‘pussy.’ I call my tush ‘my a-hole.’ And I call sex ‘the naughty.’ ‘Do you wanna do the nasty?’ I call it ‘the nasty’ because you receive bawdy. U get down to business. I call large O ‘cum.’ That is one bad word I’ll say!”

Alaura says this babe is a conservative angel but that doesn’t mean she’s coyness. “Definitely,” says Alaura. “I’m conservative. Until u have to know me. Then I can bring out the whips and the tape. I am just kidding. Well, I actually do have a whip at home. It is a cute little heart-shaped whip, and it’s pink.”

“And I’m not admirable at immodest talking at all. I’ve not at all endevoured it. But I am indeed pretty confident. I suppose that surprises tons of studs. I do adore when a boy takes control of me, though. I need a lad who can handle me.”

What was Alaura’s hottest sexual experience?

“Definitely in the back of a police car with an ex-boyfriend who was a cop. He even had his uniform on. That was enjoyment! And I adore the thrill of maybe being caught, so that was definitely a bigger in size than run of the mill turn-on.”

Please note that this glamour photoshoot is discharged entirely at swimming pool side but moved indoors for the clip.

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Her DDD-Cups Overfloweth

Her DDD-Cups Overfloweth

Bottoms up! If you are feeling parched, Kamryn Monroe has exactly what’s needed to quench a boob man’s thirst. Whenever a hotty adore Kamryn saunters into our Hallowed Halls of Zeppelins, we do our most valuable to deck her out in the skimpiest, feast-your-eyes-on-this outfit we can detect. We think we have outdone ourselves with this lace outfit–if you can call it an outfit. Kamryn’s DDD cup naturals could make Niagara Falls jealous with the way her mams are pouring with out this getup. And of course, we know XL Bucks worldwide are standing by with knobs up to submit their approval.

This shoot is truly part of Kamryn’s second-ever visit to Miami and our studios. So she was of course feeling a lot more assertive, a lot sexier and a lot more adventurous in her second foray into our big-tit-obsessed world. Luckily for us, that babe felt assertive enough to slide into this sexy piece of fetish lingerie.

“It felt love I came back home this time,” Kamryn told. “I knew what to expect, and I adore the attention and comments I have gotten from boys on the site. It is exciting to be back.”

XL Studs, you’ve even more to be lascivious about. Kamryn too filmed her 1st tits-and-tugs scene. Which you’ll have the enjoyment of jerking to later this month.

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