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Greater than standard Ass, Bigger in size than run of the mill Bra buddies, Bigger in size than standard Joy

Big Gazoo, Greater than run of the mill Fullsome funbags, Larger than standard Fun

Nikki Cars has an archetypal woman look about her. Many males at and readers of the magazine prefer that. Many a reader has sent in letters extolling Nikki’s housewife charms and raunchy talents. That babe is the kind of neighbor they’d adore to spend the weekend with. Her now ex-boyfriend got her into porn of the homemade kind. This buck liked to watch her shag other studs.

XLGirls: Do you’ve a favorite sex position, or do u adore ’em all?

Nikki: I think doggie-style is my beloved position. I like to be bent over.

XLGirls: Is it ‘coz the lad can screw you hard?

Nikki: Yes, inflexible and deep and it’s flawless adore that.

XLGirls: Is that what acquires u off the almost any admirable? Going hard?

Nikki: Yes, definitely. Getting pounded in doggie-style.

XL Girls: When did u initiate getting your marangos?

Nikki: In fifth grade I suppose. It was like they just grew overnight. I had like B-cup meatballs right away. Then in college they were huge. I had like D-cups. I did not know what to do with these large ol’ things.

XLGirls: Did you get plenty of attention cuz of your chest?

Nikki: Yeah, I got negative attention though. The boyz were unconventional when I was in school. They picked on me rather than flirted with me because they liked my titties.

XLGirls: Things are kind of backwards love that when you are youthful. Did they have a nickname for you?

Nikki: Certainly. I was Dolly. Everybody called me Dolly Parton.

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Roxi Red: The Pickup

Roxi Red: The Pickup

The tit-man’s dream beauty, Roxi Red is like an Otis Sweat toon heroine come to life. Driving along a lonely road, Brad picks up a stranded Roxi dressed in her ordinary taut outfit and winds up taking her to his place. Who would not?

Roxi has a way of making jocks totally vanish, and Brad finds out quickly what a natural wonder of this big breasted planet Roxi is. This babe screws his brains out and gets a load of man-cream all over her super-natural knockers.

As we’ve writen about Roxi, “Roxi Red has the boobs that made Minnesota famous. If you have got the time, that babe has the scoops. In the future, Roxi will be considered one of the high reaching of all big boobed legends.”

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Hitcher With Milk shakes

Hitcher With Hooters

When our adept XL Gals photographer was driving on a lonely road and saw a hawt gal clothed in underware trying to hitch a ride, this dude knew this chab saw a winner. This was no mirage, no optical illusion from the hawt sun. That gent naturally braked hard, and in advance of long, Aussie babe Rose Blush was playing with her really bigger than standard wobblers and widening her legs as this chab snapped away.

XLGirls: It is effortless to guess you acquire plenty of attention.

Rose: I do. Yep. I don’t mind the attention if it’s in acceptable circumstances.

XLGirls: Do u always wear a beneath garment?

Rose: I wear a undergarment in public. If I’m home I’m usually braless.

XLGirls: What is the funniest comment a boy ever said to u?

Rose: I’ve had a not many marriage proposals. That always amuses me. I one time had a boy ask if I wanted to go to the moon with him for dinner.

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U Gangbanged Nikki?

U Gangbanged Nikki?

Big-boobed Nikki Smith acquires a large pecker adventure with Pike in a point-of-view, you-the-man bonk and engulf session called “U Gang rogered Nikki?” You get tons of direct eye-contact and no guy-face in the picture. It got very moist and dirty for Nikki.

Nikki acquires all the knob this babe can suck and tit-fuck, and then this babe opens her legs and has her love tunnel stretched and filled. Then this babe sticks out her long, hawt tongue for her reward of man-syrup. Nikki can’t live out of a take-charge lad to lead her in a indecent dance, and doing hardcore scenes at XL Girls was the perfect way to receive no-strings-attached subrigid dong and a greater than standard load of jizz.

“Nothing satisfies me more magnificant than a real ramrod fucking me. As much as I climax from toys and masturbation, I always want the bigger in size than typical cock and I love it when a ladies man controls me since I have a resigned nature when it comes to boyz.”

The digi camera definitely brought out the man-pleaser in Nikki Smith.

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Lap dancing At The Bigger than average Goddess Lap dancing club

Dancing At The Large Girl Undress Club

Stripper Alix Lakehust has a sex-crazed admirer. He’s a customer at the Bigger in size than typical Girl Exotic dancing club where Alix dances. He’s been watching the well-cushioned beauty for a whilst and is going berserk over her shaking boobies, thick body and bouncing butt.

After her flaunt, Alix talks him into a intimate bed dance in the VIP lounge, also known as the Boom Boom Room. Alix grinds her chubby a-hole against his bone, giving him a hawt dance that he’ll desire to try once more and again. Alix is also worthwhile, however, and he’s got a woodie that is killing him.

As is often the case in those exotic dancing clubs, the intimate dance acquires carried away. He starts dry-humping Alix and squeezing her larger than standard, fat pantoons, fondelling her nipps and relishing the feel of her so-soft breastflesh. She reciprocates by blowing his stiff meat, sucking his ball-bag, jerking him and squeezing her jiggling jugs jointly so that charmer can slide his ramrod through the valley surrounded by her hills. Someone’s plan to drop a hefty load, thanks to ultra-sexy Alix Lakehurst. That babe is a fine stripper, too.

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The Deep cleavage Close Business Technique

The Deep cleavage Close Business Technique

“One of my stupendous frustrations in the corporate world is that it’s unyielding to costume professionally when u have bigger in size than run of the mill milk sacks,” real-life businesswoman Scarlett told us in a face-to-face.

“Even if I’m wearing smth that isn’t low-cut, I am conscious about my milk sacks. And it is so tough to shop for hot outfit that look experienced but aren’t dowdy. Like, if I just wear a greater than typical, ol’ shirt to cover my pointer sisters, I just look fat, like I have no figure.

“Before I did consulting, I was a saleswoman, selling time shares. My meatballs nearly got me in a predicament! I was sitting at a table, telling this couple about the resort, and when I am sitting at a table, my pointer sisters are up on the table! I realized the spouse was staring at me and his wife kept staring at him.

“They did not buy, and my manager took me aside and told me, ‘You cant do the Deep cleavage Close when there is a wife around.’ I did not have a clue as to what he meant by ‘the breast valley close!’ Apparently, you can only flaunt your titties if your customer is a single buck. It doesn’t work if the wife is there ‘coz she’ll get piddled off! But with a single lad, well, then it can work to your advantage.”

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Big, corpulent, wet mambos

Big, overweight, succulent tits

Raquel Grant has big, plump, moist scones and a dynamite body that is explored in this movie, shot on-location in Prague.

A nursing first-year student when that babe started exploring the idea of bare modeling, Raquel is gratified of her figure and wanted to try nude modeling so she found an agent. That agent contacted XL Girls.

Raquel loves to go out exotic dancing, enjoys spending time in the kitchen preparing meals. She loves to read books about cuisine, check out TV and go for walks. When she masturbates, she uses a sextoy.

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