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Rim Job

Rim Job

Here at BootyLicious we adore to work hard and play unbending. Most of the time, we love to do both at the same time. Especially when our prefered Latin babe Dede swings by our shop after a long day at work. We always try to lay down that nice cock for her ideal love tunnel right then and there.

“We don’t have time to shag,” Dede Lopez says as that babe tanalises the digital camera with her butt and tight cunt. “But u can check out me play. I can not wait to watch the real thing later.”

We’re usually the sort of bucks who do not adore to wait, but when a vixen looks this worthwhile, we’ll bide our time with fantasizing about taking big bites with out Dede’s cool apple bottom. And we’ve gotta admit, during the time that Dede’s booty is a definite must-smash, watching her slip a sex tool in and with out her constricted, juicy twat is sufficient to make us drop several nuts, likewise. Sort of adore a must-see, must-jack TV.

“Oh, this is my beloved toy,” that babe says. “I’m going to come so rock hard for u with it.”

When that babe lastly does cum, this babe does it by slipping her bulky vibrator in and with out her oozing, moist wet crack. And that babe does all this during the time that perched on a rim.

“Oh, I got cum all over it,” this babe says.

That’s all right, Dede. That is our prefered sort of rim job.

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Hot-Blooded Headmistress

Hot-Blooded Woman

Apprentice Sara is so naturally sexy that she makes bare modeling naked or screwing on-camera the most natural acts in the world. Even just her speaking to an interviewer/cameraman whilst this babe licks a sweetmeat is intensely raunchy and sexy–yet afresh, in a natural way. As if that babe couldn’t behave in any other way. This is some of the magic of Sara in addition to her super-obvious physical blessings nature has gifted her with.

Sara is so hawt that Tom’s hardon pops up like a jack-in-the-box when Sara widens his fly after a hearty round of teat sucking and breast squeezing. He could have played with her big mammaries for an sixty minutes and so would all of us.

“My prefered kind of foreplay is having a chap suck and rub my love melons,” says Sara. “My teats are very sensitive and after a fellow plays with ’em, I am so slutty to have sex.” For more of what Sara loves from bucks, investigate her movie interviews.

“I at not time had this much fun until I began making videos and images. To feel pleasure and be well-paid is something I at not time had before so I am pleased I decided to adult model for The SCORE Group. I adore to watch the finished pictures and episodes. I will be watching the video with Tom when many of you’re seeing it for the 1st time, and I adore the attention and comments. I saw the pictures and I enjoyed ’em.”

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Arctic Nights

Arctic Nights

Handsome Antica has 38G-cup bumpers that can solely be described as giant love muffins. Finding bras that fit her receive to be a labor-intensive project.

Antica doesn’t speak English but we are pro to translate her comments. That babe says that babe doesn’t suit to attract attention and is a low-key gal. “Yet, somehow, your photographer saw me and began to speak to me,” says Antica. “At first, I was plan to walk away, but then I felt this petticoat chaser looked love a trustworthy person and my instinct was correct. I dont like superfluous attention to my bumpers so usually I suit very coy. I was shy in my 1st shootings but now I feel more comfortable and relaxed.”

“What can I say about myself? I like to play piano and ice skate. I am not interested in fetishes and I don’t masturbate regularly. I’ve sex maybe once a week and I savour carpet munch. I’ve the kind of sexual fantasies that are typical for almost all hotty’s; anything with a ravishing gent. I adore to go on dates that are not typical; I love to do spontaneous things when I’m on a date.”

Will Antica proceed to glamour model? We sure hope so. Only time will tell.

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Underclothes Tosser

Underwear Tosser

A much missed V-Girl! Aspen was one of the greats of V-mag. The almond-eyed black brown knock-out is a very down-to-earth lady and enjoyed her trips to The SCORE Group. This babe works in a regular job and her mag pictorials and hardcore videos were flings, a way to live out her sexual wishes in a safe environment.

“The photographers, make-up artist and set dressers make me feel adore a princess and then they give me a actually sexy prince to shag. What princess could ask for more?”

Aspen is contented of her body. In her words: “Most real honeys are built adore me. They have marangos, they have asses. They have curves. They are so hawt and so many dudes are completely clueless to that. That is why I generally only date studs who are at least five to ten years older than me. They appreciate a real woman who looks adore me. Dudes my own age or younger always wish the little Barbie dolls. There’s no thing not right with the Barbie dolls, some are very fetching, but real honey bunnys have curves.”

In this scene from Voluptuous Xtra 9, Aspen is making a call when her room mate walks into her bedroom with a handful of her underware and other lady dainties. This chab complains that Aspen throws her underwear and bras on the floor instead of putting them away. This is a valid complaint? Aspen implores to differ. So they bicker. And then have make-up sex in a very hot scene. Plus Steve acquires to copulate Aspen in the wazoo! The way these two got on was very natural. You’d not quite think they were a real couple, not two strangers encounter for the first and final time in a video.

Aspen can appreciate other busty adult models (such as Cherry Brady) but when it comes to sex, shlong is king. “I prefer a jock that when I wrap my fingers around it, the tips just barely touch and is 7-inches to 8-inches when unyielding.”

What’s the one thing, if any, that Aspen thought that babe can be more nice-looking at doing?

“Hand jobs. I am breathtaking with my face hole but I’d adore to be adept to receive a guy off just using my hands.”

That was a few years agone. Aspen may have perfected her grip since then!

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Maggie Doubles Her Pleasure

Maggie Doubles Her Pleasure

Sex with 2 virile dudes is one of Maggie’s fantasies. On this day, Maggie satisfies that lust and our camera was there to acquire it all. The brunette hair newcomer may look very girl-next-door but inside her is the personality of a raunchy explorer very open to new ideas and recent raunchy experiences.

Thomas leads Maggie into the living room where Charmer is eagerly expecting on the sofa for this bra-bustin’ beauty’s arrival. All 3 sit on the ottoman. Thomas and Woman chaser start their warm-up, feeling her greater than average fun bags up and nuzzling her ticklish spots. They pull down Maggie’s reservoir and then her brassiere so they can lick and kiss her tasty nipples. That sends chills throughout Maggie. She wants more.

Now topless, Maggie’s mammoth melons charge up her two dudes. Maggie takes every man’s wang and sucks on one while this babe strokes the other. This gal enjoys handling rigid wood. Thomas leans back so Maggie can swallow him while Boy licks Maggie’s enchanting lady-hole.

Her bawdy cleft tongue-whipped and tingling, Maggie desires to acquire banged. This babe turns around in a doggie style so she can proceed to blow Thomas. With her wazoo at the ready, Maggie is mad for Lady-killer to fill her wet crack with a hawt beef injection.

Boy begins to copulate Maggie, her meaty ass-cheeks and solid haunches filling his palms. Maggie lifts one leg higher so Lothario can hold it up and allow his dick to enter her grasp even deeper. Their hot three-some will be getting even hotter as the 3some try each sex position they can think of!

Props to the extraordinarily hawt and stacked Maggie! Behind the girl-next-door is a erotic experimenter!

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Big-assed White Fascinating heart

Big-Assed White Chick

Born in California, now living in Florida, Ryan Smiles knows that babe is particular.

“I’m a white beauty with a larger than standard ass!” that babe said. “Guys really love my a-hole. I make it clap for them. Dudes tell me all the time they’ve never had a white cutie do that for them in advance of.”

That is ‘cuz scarcely any girls–white or otherwise–have a butt adore Ryan’s.

“I really did not have an gazoo until I was about 16 years mature. I went away one summer and there it was. I went back to school in the fall and the lads did not know what to do with me. I went from having a tiny a-hole to having one of the king-size booties in school. I was not complaining. I adore the attention.”

She is getting lots of attention on Any everywhere else she goes.

“I always try to make my carnal encounters freakier than my final. I love trying recent things, and I’m always up for some hot fucks.”

Did this babe say “hot fucks”? Yep, Ryan is taking on a bigger than run of the mill knob elsewhere on So savour this big-assed white babe every which way.

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Boob Handled

Boob Handled

Patricia Gold acquires a major boob manhandling from Jay when the two hang out together and Patricia takes her breasts to hang without her tank top. Jay cant keep his hands off her gigantic jugs, squeezing and caressing them. That chap buries his face betwixt ’em and in general treats ’em love woman chaser toys. This Lothario tries to take Patricia away for some nefarious purpose but the photographer acquires her back so he can shoot his photo set!

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