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Most priceless Adult models

Best Models

A nursing student when she briefly posed in 2009, Michelle May returned in 2011 barmy to resume. “For a while I thought adult modeling might’ve just been a fling,” Michelle told. “I wanted to be more serious with my nursing career. But after I would been away from adult modeling, I missed it. I love nursing, but I get to show off a different side of my personality with modeling. I have to be sexy. I like my bigger than average bumpers, and I love that other boys out there like ’em, too!”

The enigmatic, quiet English girl Ashley Sage Ellison is one of the not many, uncommon cuties who posed in SCORE, Voluptuous and XL Girls. She even won SCORE and V-mag’s Rookie of the Year Reward. Ashley’s a beautician by profession. “You have to work with tons of people on a personal level,” Ashley said. “You can too tell ’em what’s not correct with them and how they look and they rarely get upset about it. I can tell someone that their hair style or fingernail color is all not correct, and they action adore I am giving ’em the secret to life or smth.”

Sarah Rae disciplined at home to be talented to self-suck her enormous, beautiful 34JJs. For many, she’s the consummate XL Hotty. Her body, her face and her girl-next-door personality almost seem love a dream. But Sarah is real, unbelievably real. “I can merely hold one as well as the other mammaries for a pair of minutes. However I can hold one all day. While I’m cooking, taking a shower, tweeting, vacuuming…all day!” What’s her secret? “Suck unbending! I love to begin mouthing a little bit before the nipp, it helps me balance the weight.”

Nixie Night is some other alluring XL hottie and this babe brings both brains and a bodacious body. This high-school student is studying the sexology of past civilizations. This babe can answer any sex question about the Romans, Greeks and other ancient cultures that were a lot more liberal than American society. For example, the Greeks. They were ass-focused, explains Nixie, and that’s why their statues have the booties they do. Nixie has shown her erotic skills several times at XL Angels. “I can honestly say I have at not time been ‘made love’ to,” says Nixie, “It’s always been ‘fucking’–fast and furious–and that’s how I adore it.”

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Big boobed ‘N’ Juicy

Busty 'N' Wet

Someone’s at the door. Who is it but red-headed honey bunny Brandy Dean, all 40-25-36 inches. Miss Dean’s 38DDDs come into the house before this babe does. Red is puzzled but he shouldn’t be. Give this hotty an inch, that babe desires six inches more.

It seems that Brandy is a ally of Red’s wife and was waiting to hang out with the wife at their pool. She asks Red if she can catch some sun by herself. Ok, priceless with Red. They are a match, at least by hair color. The wife need to indeed trust Red.

Brandy peels off her trousers and T-shirt to reveal her buxom body in a pink and orange string bathing costume that goes well with her red hair and enormous hangers. Red follows her and lurks behind a column.

Brandy squirts a bottle of suntan baby oil all over her bigger in size than typical boobs. Red hides and watches. Brandy sees him and calls him over, not bothered by his pervy voyeurism. No, this babe can’t live with out pervs. After all, she is Brandy Dean. She lives so fellows can stare at her, stroke, engulf her biggest mangos, place in their knobs in her throat, screw her large meatballs and cookie, and ask her to autograph their issues of SCORE mag.

Brandy asks Red to put greasy oil on her back. Flipping over on her back after Red’s handling, Brandy’s chest attracts Red’s fingers love a lamb draws a wolf. They pull down her bathing dress bottoms to disclose her red pubic hair over a mostly bald vagina. Red forgets to add more oil as this chab rubs Brandy’s thighs.

Drunk from Brandy’s wobblers and cunt, Red forgets all about his wife and plays with Brandy’s pussy-lips. Brandy doesn’t approve of extra-marital sex but that is ok coz she’s not married, Red is. Overheated by the sun and her rubdown, Brandy cools off in the pool.

Red is envisaging, dong ready for her bazookas when Brandy acquires without the pool. She immediately places his penis in her deep cleavage and mouth. Once Brandy is turned on, there is no kill-switch. They will now engulf, take up with the tongue, pump and copulate, ending with her love melons overspread in nut butter.

“I think, if you haven’t considered it already, that you might wanna release a Finest of Brandy Dean DVD,” writes SCORE Chap D.W.. “Who would suspect that such an virginal looking angel was such a pornstress?”

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Jiggling Jola

Jiggling Jola

“I have not at all been a office assistant,” told Jola, who can take dictation very well, no training needed. That’s what her partners in her 2 XLGirls vids have said. In her typical life, Jola is a salesperson.

“Now I wanna be in a threesome. I desire 2 hot boys with big rods. I do not care for anal job. They can have as much of my throat and cum-hole as they wish. I will try it pretty soon! This is my promise.”

“I had a great time with Novis in the kitchen (“Bangin’ Time For Jola”) and with Tom in daybed (“Sex & The Single Plumper”). It is not so effortless to have this kind of sex with boys I meet after Novis and Tom. I guess of the sex with them often!”

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Bad Gal

Bad Girl

“I’m a bad little beauty,” Nikki Delano told us. “I love to be spanked, I adore giving sloppy blowjobs. I have rogered in a video theater in advance of. Bad Fellows 2 was playing.”

Nikki Delano is definitely our sort of beauty. Fit, constricted with an arse and muff ready to go all night. She’s too an unabashed sex freak, which is the superlatively priceless thing about her.

“I love to shag,” Nikki said. “I cant acquire sufficient dick. I copulate about 10-15 times per week.”

You’ve gotta eat your Wheaties if you wanna handle this bad cutie.

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Afternoon With A Goddess Pie

Afternoon With A Goddess Pie

It had to have hurt when this hottie fell from heaven. Ms. Harley Ann boasts a warm, angelic smile that could melt the ice caps, cuddly curves we would adore to receive lost in and a pair of 40DD pointer sisters perfect for cupping, areola tugging and motorboating. Yes, Harley has anything we, the Brotherhood of XL Fellows, want in a dominant-bitch. This babe is a gal pie, a little slice of full-figured heaven. And underneath her blameless exterior, lies a hotty who can’t live with out rogering as much as we do.

“I’ve been told I am very skilled at giving blowjobs,” that babe told us. “I love watching BDSM, but I have not at any time done it and would love to try. I would also adore to be part of a a gang bang one day. I’d wanna commence with something petite 1st. Like a trio with two males.”

We’re sure it would not be rock hard to discover a couple of chaps ready to share this beauty pie.

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Almost any mind blowing Models

Best Models

Different from most categories of glamour modeling, XL Cuties attracted many honeys who came from average walks of life. They were not exotic dancers or adept entertainers. The internet revolution led many hotties to take up modeling. Often behind every great female is a Lothario who encourages her and loves to see her undressed, masturbating and sometimes more. This was the case with Nikki Cars. “It was just for the fun of it,” Nikki said XL Girls’ editors. “It was my husband’s idea. This man came home one day and told, ‘We should put naked pictures on the internet.’ So that is what we did. It was just a joy thing to do, and I ended up indeed liking it. We at not time actually assumed anything out of it at all.”

Rose Valentina lived not far from the XL Girls’ offices. This babe did not have a chap behind her love Nikki did but she had numerous bucks behind her, and in her, during her discharges. During these years, XLGirls began to produce their own feature movie scenes such as Big Gal Sex School, Obese Wishes, Double-Stuffed Plumpers and Plush Control. When My Bigger than average Fat Wedding was being planned, Rose was invited to be one of the co-stars.

Rose detected XL Cuties throughout a friend. “I was allies with his ex-wife and that babe had big funbags, maybe love a DD or a DDD,” Rose told in a 2009 interview. “She always told me I should come here but I had not at all done modeling previous to. I decided to try it and sent my photos in and the next week I was in here shooting! You fellows are the foremost company I have ever shot for by far!”

Arianna Sinn was a popular web livecam hotty with out Romania. When we sent a photographer there to photograph her, Arianna was built more adore a SCORE or Voluptuous girl. Six months later, Arianna had plumped-up to XL Cutie dimensions. It was very similar to Kerry Marie’s evolution from slim and stacked natural to overweight playgirl. Arianna’s steamy sex scenes in the Caribbean for the Mammary Mambo DVD made the tropics even hotter. “I like any kind of stud as lengthy as he’s humorous, keeps himself clean and knows how to treat a mistress,” Arianna told. “I don’t like dudes who are rude or pushy and must have their own way. I adore a buck who is respectful and knows how to romance a female. Stylish, kind and generous. Valuable personality. Looks donot matter.”

Enjoyable Alice Webb always drew adoring emails and letters whenever any of her pictorials were published. She did very little episode but what this babe did made an impact. The funniest pick-up line Alice has ever heard in her life was, “Excuse me. I am about to go home and masturbate, and I need a name for that face.” A tower of boobies and a-hole force at 5’10” with 40HH pillows, Alice studied karate for eight years. That babe can probably knock out a boy with one swing of her huge hooters.

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Damn, Daylene!

Damn, Daylene!

You could call Daylene Rio a true SCORE for BootyLicious. Daylene, a angel blessed with enormous assets from each angle, has been a fan prefered in our sister mag, SCORE, for many years now. And we could not be happier that the tit-loving men over there lastly stopped hogging her. While we definitely do appreciate Daylene’s bigger than average, merry 36HH wobblers, it is about time her cool wazoo got some adore, likewise.

“I think lots of boys do not know what to do with me,” Daylene told us. “If they meet me face-to-face, it’s more adore tit-to-face and they’re adore, ‘Whoa.’ And then if I walk away and acquire a worthwhile check out my ass, I usually receive something like, ‘Damn!’ It is glamorous a matter of joke.”

We knew we had to couple Daylene with our lad Tony Rubino after hearing this story. He knows exactly what to a angel like her. This chab bangs her out doggy position then this babe hops on top to twerk on his jock. And when they’re all done, her arse is overspread in cum.

All we can say to this hot fuck is, damn, likewise.

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