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Emergency Nurses

Emergency Nurses

If any scene is a certified SCORE Classic, this hospital scene between Angelique and Minka, discharged in London, is pure gold. Here is a monster titted classic encounter between 2 hyper-sexed SCORE Cuties. At this hospital, the glamour models are the patients. They are also the nurses and the doctors.

Nurse Minka enters the room to tend to Angelique who is in for a chipped fingernail. After checking Angelique’s chart, Minka makes a str8 line for Angelique’s giant jugs. Minka’s bra buddies are ready to fall with out her uniform as this babe leans over Angelique. Angelique sees Minka’s mammoth milk sacks and wishes to suck on ’em. How the photographers controlled themselves is a mystery.

A amorous therapy session ensues with areola sucking. One as well as the other mega-stars have good, dark-skinned bushes that are curly but trimmed. Today’s hairless twat trend has made bush ladies unyielding to detect. The gals screw every other with toys including a double-headed ramrod. Minka shags Angelique with a strap-on that that babe keeps in her nurse’s utility strap.

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Sunshine Jackumentary

Sunshine Jackumentary

Sunshine is adore any free and simple girl-next-door from Chicago. Except this babe developed G-cup titties over time. Sunshine identified The SCORE Group on her own and started modeling for us in 2003. Her larger than average boobs were amazing from the commence.

Sunshine just now began doing scenes with chaps. There was no expecting period. Sunshine was totally into sexy porn-sex right away.

It was more than interesting to see Sunshine’s change from V-Girl to XL Hotty. Each year she got bustier, heavier and thicker. Sunshine was a very quiet gal and more action-oriented so we never did any formal episode interviews with her.
This Jackumentary features some drooping out and girl talk with fella XL Beauty Monique L’Amour.

Then one day Sunshine called and told that babe was pregnant. Were we interested? Would we adore her to do boy-girl? The rest was mammary magic.

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Tit-Tastic Threeway

Tit-Tastic Threeway

When it comes to your allies, there’s one rule that almost any chaps chase almost religiously and that rule is, “Bros previous to hos.” That is right. You applaud your pack of buddies and u at not time, ever put any sweetheart in advance of your time with the chaps. To do so would be to admit that u have been clamped down by the pussy, and are now officially pussy-whipped. What guy desires that? But what if u have this buddy, and this ladies man has bother with the ladies. In fact, he has bother getting any ‘tang at all. Well then, that rule changes to, “Bros receive Bros hos.” And that is exactly what this stand-up lad does for his homey. He takes him to the side of town where all the hookers are and helps him finalize his arse purchase with Stacy. And then this chab roots him on during the time that that petticoat chaser gets his penis sucked. And ‘coz sharing is caring, the one and the other chaps come to a culmination that there is sufficient mounds, wazoo and fur pie to go around and they run a train on lustful Stacy. And that’s worthwhile with her coz she’s getting paid by the 60 minutes no matter how many weenies cum to the party.

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Go For The Goldie

Go For The Goldie

Johnny inadvertently on purpose walks into Goldie Jackson on the street, and douses her fine, taut, white shirt with a cup of water. This truly upsets Goldie who suspects that stud did it intentionally.

Johnny takes Goldie to the laundry room of his apartment building to dry her top, then they expect at his place. This babe falls for this routine. This petticoat chaser has each angle covered adore a Mission: Impossible plot. He’s overjoyed when Goldie suggests her large jugs to him and receives down to mouthing his shaft for starters on his daybed.

Goldie’s boobies and face hole get a unbending workout in advance of Johnny rams into her cookie in every position his breast-besotted mind can think of. This Lothario then drops a load all over her pleasing body whilst she’s partly on the floor in a pile-driver position.

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That babe Wore A Yellow Swimsuit

She Wore A Yellow Bikini

The matching episode to the photo set, this movie is on DVD in On Location Puerto Vallarta. Hitomi was already a sensation in Japan when she and SCORE joined forces. When Hitomi arrived in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico final year for this discharge, it was her 1st tour outdoors of Japan. This babe and her co-stars spent a week in a swanky mansion overlooking the beach. Hitomi speaks little English, so SCORE flew in a Japanese dominatrix translator from Tokyo to spend the week with her as a helper, companion and translator for our crew. In their spare time, Hitomi and her new busty friends enjoyed the sights and sounds and the food and the joy of this popular tourist resort. The gals stuck together at all times. A group adore this could have easily drawn a huge crowd just by being there if they went to the beach in bikinis

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Thick & Hot

Thick & Sexy

“I love looking at XL Girls,” told Luna Mystique, a Florida plumper. “It’s precious for beauties adore us to have supporters. The women are so round and cushioned. Kinda like my own bumpers, round and full.”

“I was one time a practicing domme. I like to go to swing lap dancing clubs and view. I guess u could say I am an exhibitionistic voyeur. I love to write erotica likewise, moreover stripped modeling.”

“Overall, I am a beautiful traditional goddess. I adore dinner and a clip. If my date is feeling adventurous, I adore to go clubbing in Ybor City. It is a mix of cultures and clubs. Lads are always eyeing me. I suppose it’s the low-cut tops I wear.”

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Breakfast & Head in Sofa

Breakfast & Head in Bed

Ok, so you know this scenario: You take a playgirl home and you screw the shit without her. She appears to be to be a good angel, so you let her spend the night. And then the next morning this babe turns out to be either hideous, a blanket hogger or worse…annoying and demanding. You know what kind of angel we are referring to. The kind who wants a glass of water or wants you to get her smth to eat. But we are here to tell you that there’s one more kind of honey out there. The Giver. The Giver will wake up and blow u. She will offer you a rub-down and ask u if u need a glass of water. Trust us. The Giver exists. Just investigate cutie Daylene Rio. She’s a giver and a half. You see, Daylene will bring you breakfast in couch. (Yeah, it happens.) And this babe will feed u all sorts of adorable goodies. And one time you have had your fill of food, and you’ve regained the energy it takes to pound a stacked hottie adore this, Daylene is more than cheerful to spread her legs and mouth wide so u can feed her…some pecker. And what’s incorrect with that? To all of u who have had the bad morning-after with some troll whore, we say this: Keep the faith, brother. The Giver is out there and when u land her, keep her around. It’s not too often you are gonna get breakfast in bed AND head.

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