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Dressed To Thrill

Dressed To Thrill

Looking like a living doll, Venera makes her SCORE intro in “Meet Venera,” a clip interview shot in Montego Bay, Jamaica, along with a photo-shoot and movie of this mouthwatering enchanting heart trying on hawt outfits and playing with her marvelous body and all-natural pantoons in bed. “I adore garments that expose my cleavage,” Venera told. “I like to wear taut tops and trousers, short skirts and, of course, high heels. I wear a below garment not quite all of the time when I’m out. At home, I by no means wear a undergarment. I love to let my funbags breathe!” She enjoys being a gal. Venera is an remarkable natural sensation, blessed by nature with an amazingly trim and attractive body for anybody so busty (32H). Venera’s burst onto the big busted scene adore a force of nature. Meet the covergirl of December ’11 SCORE and the DVD Venera’s Busty Debut!

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Bubbly Breasts, Bubble Wazoo

Bubbly Titties, Bubble Butt

Longtime XL Cuties member Tom: “Roxee has emerged as my favourite model. Every one of her sets is exceptional. Her sex appeal is off the charts. Please keep bringing her back. I so look forward to seeing her sets!”

XL Girls: Roxee, we liked the movie scene of u walking to buy coffee and your deep cleavage was showing. When u go out, do u costume to reveal your chest?

Roxee: I do usually dress to brandish off my bigger than standard milk cans.

XL Girls: Do you’ve plenty of breast sex? What are your much loved “tit-fucking” poses?

Roxee: I adore tit banging. I love wrapping my big bazookas tightly around a 10-Pounder and milking it dry. My much loved position for tittyfucking is probably me on my knees with the boy standing over me. I actually receive a wonderful cum load on my mounds in that position.

XL Girls: Maybe one day we can see that here. Do you adore to talk obscene in bed?

Roxee: I like messy talk. The dirtier the better.

XL Girls: Do you do housework topless or naked?

Roxee: Merely if I am trying to impress someone or drive anybody mad. I do cook in nature’s garb often.

XL Girls: Do you like looking in a mirror during sex?

Roxee: Adore looking in the mirror. Watching sex through a mirror is a humongous turn on.

XL Girl: Now let’s investigate Roxee getting breastfully clean.

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Pet My Twat

Pet My Pussy

Was not it Tesla who told, “Signs, signs, everywhere the signs. Blocking out the scenery, breaking my mind. Do this, do not do that, can’t u read the signs?” And lad is it true. There’re signs everywhere those days. Signs to tell us to stop, to yield, and that there is construction ahead. Signs have become so popular that even stacked street walkers are using them to command their customers on how they should be handled. View concupiscent June Summers. She is a hooker who uses “sign” language to tell her Johns what that babe likes. Just take a view her top. It says, “Pet my Muff.” That is beautiful straight-forward instruction. So, go ahead, pet her cunt, we doubt that babe will mind. (If this babe does it’s false advertising!) We’d also like to point out that although it is not on a sign, we do adore it when June says, “That’s worthwhile wench cookie, right?” Any domme who refers to her cock-box as a “Slut pussy” is a winner in our book.

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It’s Showtime In The VIP Room

It's Showtime In The VIP Room

Do u remember Jaden Suede? The proper question is, have you forgotten Jaden Suede? Jaden was the Tampa, Florida college student studying firefighting and working as a nail technician. Jaden got off in the VIP champagne room in this episode.

Jaden’s hobbies are adult modeling, painting and chatting on the Net. Jaden likes toys, especially strap-ons. You display her a picture of a voluptuously endowed gal wearing a strap-on and this babe acquires hot.

“I usually masturbate in advance of couch to calm my nerves,” Jaden revealed. “It’s like having a glass of warm milk.” So for Jaden, toying her muff is both a stress-buster and a way to must sleep.

Jaden told her kinkiest carnal moment was “bent over a washroom counter during Thanksgiving dinner.” What satisfies her almost all of all? “Having my gazoo eaten and being fucked rigid by a sex toy,” Jaden replied. That babe is a cutie who knows what this babe likes.

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Heavy Mammaries Need Cum

Heavy Bra-busters Need Cum

Analee Sands. Totally jaw-dropping breasts. Sexy, damp body. Nice-looking face. All in all, a soaked piece of eyecandy that we were very pleased truly to have as a guest in those hallowed halls of juggs, at least for a relatively short time.

This scene started with a hot solo expose that led right into the tongueing, mouthing, throating and bumping with out a story or plot. Just pure action and lots of tit play as Analee gave her sex date what each Lothario needs. Some alone time with the gal in advance of the lad walks into the picture is usually better than just starting off with her and the lady-killer.

XL Girls: Do u love to have sex in public places?

Analee: Not also public. If I can sneak it in, then maybe. But not smth where it’s for sure that someone will walk by.

XL Girls: Where is the almost all public place you’ve had sex?

Analee: In a Walmart parking lot. I have likewise done it in a park in mid-day, and in a moving lorry in the backseat while family was driving.

XL Girls: Have you ever been caught?

Analee: Solely once by an aged boyfriend’s aunt. She traipsed into the laundry room right in the centre of it with me with my legs up.

XL Girls: Did u avoid or keep going?

Analee: We kept going. This babe sauntered in, looked at me, got her stuff and strided out. So I figured we’d just finish what we started.

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How Minka Awards Loyalty

How Minka Rewards Loyalty

There is a buzz in the air at the clip store today. Lots of lads have been marking their calendars for this day and expecting a lengthy time. Today is the day that SCORE star Minka makes an appearance to sign copies of her best-selling SCORE DVD Maximum Minka and her SCORE magazines.

Minka attends many of the adult conventions but her store appearances have been rare the past hardly any years. A line has formed at the table that the store manager has provided for Minka. They’ve come without the woodwork to see her. Dressed to please the studs, Minka is wearing small wazoo shorts and an bizarre swim suit top that’s an engineering marvel of tensile strength. Her amazingly tight slim body and 44KK pantoons are riveting everyone’s attention. Everyone’s happy. Then one charmer pushes his way to the front. That buck is lucky that the others do not take him outside and kick his a-hole for this. Minka listens to him as he raves on about being her king-size fan and how much that buck worships her.

Minka makes a decision to give him a souvenir that he’ll not ever forget. She understands why that chap crashed the line and that babe invites him to her hotel room for a screw and suck session. This chab cant make no doubt of what that smooth operator is hearing. Sure enough, this Lothario finds himself in her room. That skirt chaser plays with Minka’s beyond-big zeppelins and super-pointy areolas, the mellons this chap has tacked to the walls of his apartment, the mega-tits and neatly trimmed fur pie on his screensaver.

Minka disrobes him, pulling down his boxers. His 1st reward is a oral sex. This woman chaser can’t make no doubt of this chab is fucking Minka’s mouth. It is been his fantasy for years. A fantasy to bury his strapon between her mountainous bosoms. A fantasy to stick it in Minka’s tight pussy and thrust away. Dreams sometimes come true. If Minka can make ’em come true, she will.

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Put Your Meat In My Tit Sandwich

Put Your Meat In My Tit Sandwich

Larger than average pointer sisters are the foremost thing since sliced bread. They are pleasure to play with, provide a resting place for your head when you are weary and they provide entertainment when they bounce up and down. And you know what else they provide? Shelter for your penis, dude. That’s right. When it’s cold out, greater than average funbags become a cock-cozy where you can let your meat be comfy in a priceless, warm and snug place. Our Big-Boob friend, Stacy, knows all about the versatility of her rack, also. She uses it to entice that buck into a bonerfied frenzy, and then she whips them out and buffs this boys package. Then she encourages him to muff and knead her doughy mams whilst that babe mounts his junk and pounds it with her chocolate muff until he creams all over her jugs. Yup, breasts are glamorous banging great and great to copulate, too.

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