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Lucy Is Soaked

Lucy Is Juicy

Lucy Lenore was working in an adult solely store. Surrounded by all these DVDs, toys, magazines, porny underware and other sexy products, it was only natural for Lucy to think about an alternate future.

“One of my regular customers noticed your ad looking for new adult models and suggested I apply. I bewitched over whether or not to do it for about a week and then just told, ‘Fuck it!’ Within Twenty four hours of submitting my test shots, u called me and put me on a jet.”

XLGirls: Were u the bustiest angel growing up?

Lucy: No, but I was the smallest girl with the biggest bumpers. I’ve a worthwhile hips-to-waist-to-boobie ratio goin’ on!

XLGirls: You began doing masturbation movies at XL Beauties.

Lucy: I masturbate at least 3 times a day, and that’s even on days I am on-cam. I’m glamorous much always touching myself.

XLGirls: What satisfies you finest of all?

Lucy: If I’m not out of breath with a sore cunt when it’s over, I’m not cheerful. I’ve to be screwed and fucked hard. The longer the recovery time after sex, the happier I am.

XLGirls: Has anyone in person ever observed you having sex with a BF?

Lucy: Nope. I have always been a serial monogamist, and excitement is the finest part of sex. If my partners wanted to explore voyeurism, I’d have been open to it, though, and will be if it ever happens!

XLGirls: Compared to average men u have dated, how did you find your first porn ladies man as a sex husband?

Lucy: It was definitely different. Not bad, not better, but different.

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When u have sex, what are your much loved moves and positions so that you can bust a nut?
“My rule is that everything goes as lengthy as every one is cool with it and having joy. I like to do a lot of foreplay. I love oral sex a lot. I guess that u can tell anything about how a person is in the bedroom by their oral-sex game. If someone takes their time when they’re going down on you, then they are probably very admirable in the bedroom. It takes patience and skills to make a woman cum with your face hole. I know that when I give head to a guy, I take my time and do a wonderful job. I watch it as a preview to the rest of my freak flaunt. And when I give head, I can make a Lothario cum in five minutes. I’ll tell ’em to time me!”

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Takin’ Selfies With Roxee Robinson

Takin' Selfies With Roxee Robinson

Roxee Robinson reveals us how she takes selfies, and then we’ve to watch the finished fotos on her phone’s screen. Roxee doesn’t need the smartphone’s wide-angle lens. Her zeppelins are naturally and eye-poppingly massive and they do not need the exaggerated breast enlargement you watch on the selfies that lesser-endowed cuties post on the web. Roxee’s fuckin’ astronomical!

Roxee takes some shots of her bustin’ with out her constricted suit, then unzips to let her bumpers out. She creams them with lotion and takes more selfies of her bare pantoons.

Roxee is one of the almost any magnificant. That babe is extraordinary.

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Pleasures Of A Plumper

Pleasures Of A Plumper

Krissy Dawson hails from the appropriately-named Czech city of Jizbice and detected out about XL Girls throughout our Lothario in Prague. This chab spotted Krissy and showed her some copies of XL Cuties mag he keeps as samples to show prospective adult models in his office. So much for the back-story.

A former wrestler (yep, wrestler), Krissy plays with her 44-inch zeppelins and wide areolae. That babe said that stroking and massaging her mammaries always works her up and acquires her hawt. She’ll either finish the job with her own hands, or if she’s seeing a buck, she’ll call him and tell him to come over.

Our service-cock is here to fix Krissy’s wagon. She can trust her cunt to him. He’s licensed and bonded and guarantees gratification. Krissy and her new friend go at it and try out a list of rogering moves str8 without a sex position book–from missionary to cowgirl–plus Krissy’s own favourite position for satisfaction, doggie-style.

A moaner but not a talker when she’s in the throes of sensual coupling, Krissy’s mellons and abdomen jiggle nicely as that babe moves in tandem with the thrusts this babe receives. Her reward for this pole-pleasing is a big cum load on her face.

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Chocolate Thunderboobs

Chocolate Thunderboobs

Simone Staxxx lives up to her name.

“By the time I was 14, I was wearing a D-cup bra,” told Simone. “I thought that would be about it, but they just kept getting bigger in size and bigger in size every year. That made my boyfriends happy, for sure.”

Almost certainly Simone had plenty of boyfriends fighting for her attention even though she has lots of jug-meat for all.

“I have a not many passions. One is titty-fucking. I adore it when boyz fuck my mammaries. The superlatively admirable position is on my back with the stud facing my feet, love a 69. This way this chab can copulate my bra buddies during the time that I take up with the tongue his testicles and a-hole. I adore to observe porn episodes that have plenty of tit-fucking. The other is hanging out with big-booty angels. I adore a bigger than typical, chunky arse on a hawt angel. But I do not have sex with them. I just like ’em.”

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Hooker From Hooterville

Hooker From Hooterville

Someday Kacey Parker‘s prince will cum, and that day is this day. Carlos will cum all over Kacey’s face and in her mouth after that dude mercilessly screws her love it is a erotic wrestling match.

Kacey was envisaging for a hot date to drive by and pick her up, and to draw additional attention to her xtra-large, drooping boobs and thick gazoo, that babe wore a fishnet suit that had more holes than fabric and showed more skin than cloth.

Carlos pulls up, and after some tit-chat, Kacey gets into his car so that stud can examine the merchandise up-close and personal. A boy could spend all night sucking and banging Kacey’s gigantic jugs but the meter is oozing so they drive off to his place where Kacey gets a bonk to remember.

Carlos loves to play rigid and dirty, and this smooth operator likes smutty cuties this lady-killer can control. In Kacey, that chap finds a angel who shares his interests. They swap spit and tons of wicked words as this chab gives Kacey a power-pounding. After he bonks the shit with out Kacey, this charmer shoots a load of hawt nut-juice in her face.

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Titty Tugger

Titty Tugger

Kat Bailey is one of the finest titty tuggers ever seen at XL Angels and her bonk scenes are raw and hot. That babe is as packed with sex skills as her beneath garment is packed with breast-meat. Any smooth operator who gets to plow her fertile fields is one lucky man.

Her workout and copulate scene hit all the right buttons. Kat said that babe doesn’t workout that much at home. “Sex is my workout,” told Kat, who has that wild-ass glint in her eyes at all times.

Kat wanted to try porn and that babe did. That babe is not done just yet with her raunchy experimenting. XL Cuties has a XXX scene completed with stuntcock Tony that rocked Kat’s world.

Kat doesn’t spank all that much. “I get so much sex when I crave it that I don’t actually have to masturbate a lot. I do have a magic wand that I like. G-spot stimulation is the almost any astonishing!”

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