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Nadia’s 1st scene is a pisser!

Nadia's first scene is a pisser!

Nadia Night is taking a shower when the plumber exposes up. That dude knocks on the door and walks into her apartment.

“I’m here for the plumbing,” this chab says. You are damn right this woman chaser is.

“I’m in here,” this babe says.

This lady-killer walks toward her bathroom. “Your plumbing seems good,” that chap says. “Are u sure u need my assistance?”

“Yeah, come in here,” this babe says.

“Cover up. I am coming in.”

That chap comes in. This babe doesn’t cover up. She’s starkers. This babe tells him to sit down. Don’t plumbers have all the luck?

“There’s nothing not correct with my plumbing,” that babe says, and she proves it by taking a void urine right there in the shower. Then this babe proves there is nothing wrong with her mouth by sucking his weenie. Then that petticoat chaser uses his pipe to plug her love tunnel.

As we told, don’t plumbers have all the luck?

Those of you who likewise subscribe to SCORELAND might remember Nadia. She’s a big-titted honey bunny who loved screwing on-camera. That babe is still a humongous titted vixen who likes rogering on-camera, except now she is 40 something.

And, yes, she does have a piss fetish.

This babe rarely wears knickers.

“I love taking the risk,” that babe said.

She’s into a bit of booty, and that is something you’ll see her doing in a short time. She’s not a swinger. That babe thinks hot outfit are overrated. She prepared for her scenes at by banging a big meat-thermometer the night before this babe came here.

Got to like a lady who cums prepared.

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Mirror Play For Mrs. Robinson

Mirror Play For Mrs. Robinson

“Whatever fantasy a lad wishes interests me,” Roxee Robinson said. “I can be a bad mamma or a female. I am the MILF-next-door. I savour the thought of chaps jerking themselves off fast and rigid thinking about me. I wonder if there is any one picture or pose that makes ’em the horniest. I love reading what fans are saying. I read the comments.”

No one has ever answered Roxee’s question. It’s probably also difficult cuz anything she does is an erection-builder, a visual boner-pill. We like Roxee Robinson. Would we’ve photographed her in the Czechia three times if we did not?

Roxee can’t live out of seeing a smooth operator spurt his cum all over her whoppers. That’s her much loved. In her “Nurse Larger than standard Tits” scene, Dellon coated her fullsome funbags and Roxee licked his cock clean. In “Wet Sex,” Roxee licked up Tom’s cum.

“I like to gulp cum or wear it on my larger than average mambos,” Roxee told. “I have a bigger in size than standard cum fetish, the more of it and the stickier, the better.”

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The Slippery Nipples Of Smiley Emma

The Slippery Nipples Of Smiley Emma

There’s a rub-down table all ready for Smiley Emma, a soaked girl-next-door enriched by smooth curves and unfathomable cleavage. Emma has the baby oil willing to coat her lush and plush body. This babe gets slippery and slick, her smooth, lustrous skin glowing underneath the lights.

XLGirls: Do you know how much your love bubbles weigh?

Emma: No, I donot but would like to investigate one day.

XLGirls: Have u ever thought about topless or exposed stripping in a exotic dancing club?

Emma: No, I haven’t but I have wanted to take pole stripping lessons and acquire one for the bedroom. I would not feel safe doing it in person.

XLGirls: Do u drive? Do shoulder-belts annoy u?

Emma: I don’t have my driver’s license but I detest shoulder straps even as a passenger.

XLGirls: What do you think is the number one move your webcam followers ask to see you do?

Emma: I’d probably say boob flashes, boob play and oral-stimulation teasing are the most-common requests.

XLGirls: Do you like breast massages?

Emma: I love breast massages and my fiance is more than cheerful to oblige.

XLGirls: Always a fun, Smiley Emma.

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Picking The Right Brassiere

Picking The Right Bra

In this XL Girls Boner Bonus movie scene, Roxee Robinson urges to identify the right bra. She urges large Canadian cleavage, thrusting forward and rounded. An eye-popping top shelf that babe could place a cocktail glass on.

Roxee’s red tube dress is body-hugging. That babe just needs the right holster to hoist her fullsome funbags high. A variety of bras are on the daybed. Which ones will give the sexy redhead the support needed for large, overweight 36HH billibongs?

Let’s watch how Roxee discovers the flawless undergarment step-by-step. She can then go out and receive each lad who sees her tripping over their own feet.

Roxee Robinson: XL Cuties superstar.

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Hot-Blooded Woman

Hot-Blooded Woman

With that low-cut costume and her acres and acres of yummy tit-meat willing to spill out, Sara might as well be holding up a sign that says “Kiss my whoppers!” A sign that Tom doesn’t receive to read. He’s already got the idea at first sight and is helping himself as this chab and Sara spend some couch time. And any couch time with she is quality time.

Sara rubs his junk as Tom’s attention to her larger than average bra-busters gets more vigorous. That dude sucks Sara’s teats adore a human vacuum cleaner, and that’s the way it should be. These cuties will not break and they appreciate a good, unbending sucking.

Tom stands vertical and Sara goes to inspect what’s in his pants. She is already made him vertical just by being there. Sara takes his pocket-pole in her throat and gives him a oral-stimulation he’ll want to write home about. Look at and marvel as this babe deep-throats him then buries his meat-thermometer betwixt her impressive naturals. Now that’s gracious.

Sara turns around and drops her micro-mini skirt on the floor, followed by her dental-floss thongs. Tom doesn’t a predicament taking his pants off, and taking Sara’s ass-cheeks in his hands, guides his meat-thermometer into her hot clutch. The pumping starts accompanied by Sara’s sounds and cries of erotic fun.

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Anna Kay Is Feeling Herself Tonight

Anna Kay Is Feeling Herself Tonight

There’s a misconception that chicks do not go to clubs that have lady dancers. They sure do and Anna Kay goes when the spirit moves her. This babe went to one strip joint while visiting us.

“I feel relaxed at lap dancing clubs,” Anna explained. “I can sit down and have a swallow and be entertained and I really fit in. I’m not some hotty who stands out cuz of my big breasts coz everyone in there has big bumpers. Love…I do not must worry about everyone looking at me or hitting on me. Or even about someone’s girlfriend getting jealous ‘coz he is flirting with me. At exotic dancing clubs, I can just relax and view the reveal.”

Asked if the dancers wanna molest her, Anna told, “Yes, they adore my pointer sisters. Sometimes they give me a dance and just bury their faces in my pointer sisters and try and motorboat me. They tell me that my pantoons are just so large and nice-looking that they can not assist themselves. I suppose it is laughable.”

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Mega-Boobs Office

Mega-Boobs Office

Minka could have taken a job as an executive with The SCORE Group. This babe wanted to work near her home in Vegas so the world’s #1 Asian big-tit star since 1994 took a job in a nearby office. We’re frustrated about that even though we understand why that babe declined.

The problem is a supervisor in this company. This chab doesn’t get Minka’s sense of humor and her working style. That woman chaser receives annoyed when that babe makes copies of her 44KK hooters with the office copier. Her habit of working at her desk with her blouse raised over her breasts bugs him. This chab spills coffee on the floor, distracted by her protruding pontoons. This dude just doesn’t receive Minka.

His 1st mistake is when this lady-killer asks to speak to Minka and lays down the law. She quickly turns the tables on him and sucks his ding-dong. That straightens him out fast, and previous to that chap knows it, he is breaking every rule in the company handbook by boning Minka on the conference room bed and nutting her mega-boobs.

Who’s the boss now?

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