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I’ve HH-cup Bumpers

I Have HH-cup Boobs

“Being a web camera goddess is the majority fun job I have ever had,” said Kelli Maxx who bares her killer 38HH bazooms from her put in Boston.

Kelli was contacted by our studio about comin’ on down to XL Angels. That babe talked to other webcam girls about us first and checked us out.

Kelli’s red bra can barely hold back her surging boobage. What kind of bras does this babe love to buy?

“I love Balconette bras. They poke my melons together and create truly sexy deep cleavage. I can usually tell if a bra will fit me or not so I not ever receive a fitting!”

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Sadie Berry In The Greater than standard Angel Lap dancing club

Sadie Berry In The Greater than standard Goddess Undress Club

It is a cryin’ shame that there’re not Bigger than run of the mill Beauty Disrobe clubs in each major town. You go to almost all clubs and the dancers are slender with D-cup boob jobs.

This smooth operator has been watching Sadie dance for months. This fellow will sit there for hours and check out Sadie shake her milk sacks and gutsy tush.

Sadie enters the club’s main room and kisses Julia Mammaries, who is lap dancing on the smaller satellite stage. Clothed in a NASCUPS race car cheerleader outfit and waving a checkered flag, Sadie climbs on the main stage and starts her steamy disrobe display.

Sadie acquires off the stage and plops on the lap of the aforementioned front-row customer and grinds his lap. She pushes her funbags in his face. The scent of her body makes him boob-drunk. Julia comes over. Sadie leans back, still on his lap, and Julia squirts lube on her bigger in size than average bra buddies. Julia leans over and feeds Sadie her nipples. It’s a very sexy scene and the boys are going batty. Sadie acquires up and takes him by the hand. They are off to the VIP Room to have a saucy little intimate party.

Now tucked away in the club’s quiet and private VIP Room, Sadie gives him a lewd gogo dance and grind. (This is photographed in your-point-of-view.) This babe unzips his fly and grinds away, her impressive body fondelling against his. That babe bounces her good, foxy arse on his stiffening junk. Just the starting.

Turning around, Sadie takes his cock in her velvety hand and acquires busy. She sucks it, licks it, wraps her greater than average bra-busters around it and sucks and licks his bloated balls. Sadie makes popping sounds when that babe pulls his sausage out of her throat. That babe knows how much lads adore to hear that sound when they are getting a blowjob. This golden-haired beauty actually knows how to treat a gent worthwhile. Sadie is beyond astonishing. Sadie is insanely sexy.

After spending time with his rod down her throat, they have to fuck every other. That’s what the VIP Room is all about. The ottoman awaits. Sadie receives her tip in the form of a cum deposit on her big juggs.

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Coral Guzman: Royal Colombian Rack

Coral Guzman: Royal Colombian Rack

Warning! Watching Coral Guzman dance, play with her mammoth scoops and cum may cause 3 hour erections. If that happens, do not complain to us. Just hit play once more and savour each inch of cheerful Coral’s titanic bumpers and larger than run of the mill arse. She is a pleaser.

Coral can’t live with out to go on basic dates: dinner and a clip or exotic dancing all night. It will not be facile to keep up with Coral on the dance floor or in “la cama” (the sofa) so take more zinc and lecithin to build up the nut-juice reserves.

“I adore to swim and workout,” Coral said. “One of my dreams is to tour around the world and watch many countries and experience their cultures. Some other fantasy I have–maybe it’s a fetish–is to be with studs from various countries. I hope to live those dreams one day.”

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Loida: The Fleshy Redhead-Next-Door

Loida: The Fleshy Redhead-Next-Door

Loida told that babe had tons of allies when that babe was growing up. We bet she did. She read about XL Angels on the web and was very interested in coming on board.

“I love to ride my bike and practice yoga. I savour cooking and plan to parties with my friends. I used to work as an animator. It was a joy job. Now I wanna try photo shooting.”

Loida is a show-off and that’s a fine thing in our book.

“I like to wear bras that emphasize my milk cans,” said Loida. “I adore tight-fiting dresses and blouses with a unfathomable neckline so that my stylish chest looks even more worthwhile. I indeed love my pointer sisters. They attract tons of attention from the boyz and that is ok with me. I can tell when a chap is looking at me even when my back is turned.”

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Sinful Sex Bomb

Sinful Sex Bomb

When you’re in the bedroom with a cutie like SinFul Celeste, there’s no time to mince words. You receive right to work on this honey bunny. Which is exactly what Tony DeSergio does as we open this scene. Tony’s face is buried between her boobs and that buck has 2 large handfuls of ass. This gent is intend to relish with this plumper. Tony pulls SinFul’s 38DDD boobs without her green negligee and begins to tanalize her teats, both of which are pierced. A broad smiles etches her face and shivers run up and down her curvy body as Tony sucks on her wobblers during the time that fingering her slit.

SinFul Celeste is kind of bewitched with schlong. The sight of it turns her on, and having one in her face hole makes her muff ooze.

“Giving blowjobs actually receives me damp,” this babe told us. “I don’t know about other girls, but I just like dongs. And nothing in the world is more admirable than a ladies man that can receive it up, keep it up and bonk me all night.”

SinFul’s love tunnel has to be oozing right now ‘coz this babe gives Tony one hell of a orall-service before he stuffs his ramrod inside her. 1st, this chab is screwing her missionary and SinFul is already being poked to an greater than average O.

“Oh, yep,” this babe moans. “That cock is so worthwhile.”

Tony lays down and slides his 10-Pounder in from the side before SinFul comes to a culmination to take control by hopping on top. Tony desires some of her corpulent butt, also so that Lothario bangs her doggy position in advance of this chab finally has to pop. That is when that charmer serves SinFul a sticky facial, some of which drips down to her zeppelins. Yeah, this babe is our prefered SinFul girl.

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Blouse Bustin’ Foodie

Blouse Bustin' Foodie

Sugary treats and fruits taste great and they smack even better when fondelled on the lavish body of Sashaa Bra buddies at XL Gals.

Pasties and cakes are dwarfed betwixt Sashaa’s voluminous love bubbles. The golden-haired bombshell washes off with enormous sperm, sending a torrent of kewl, thick moo-juice cascading down her twins. They collect in a bowl and that babe dips every breast into it until they’re covered.

Sashaa rubs it in well until the creamy coating is absorbed. That babe comes to a culmination to concentrate on her cum-hole, now that her mangos have been well taken care of.

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April Visits The Analyst

April Visits The Analyst

April McKenzie topped the boob tape at 38H. She was measured before James got his hands on those big chubby melons. Our cameraman pointed out that April’s large scones have their own zip code. After extended shots of April titty-stretching her blouse, she’s ready for her anal dicking.

April’s analyst had by no means met her before and the jock doctor is in for a treat when that babe wraps her lips and monumental sweater-cannons around his corpulent.

April wraps her bulky jugs around his knob until it virtually disappears, using her fists to clamp down on her nipps. That babe rapidly moves her flesh pillows back and forth, turning ’em into a cock-massaging device.

April’s analyst nuzzles her twat and fucks her cunt, then slips out and slips into her arsehole. It hits the spot and April tells him, “Just adore that.” This chab ramps up the ramming speed. “My tight ass is gonna make u come,” said April as he butt-fucks her doggystyle, her large mounds hanging and swinging. Her tight, squeezing a-hole does the job.

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