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Cala craves cock

Cala craves cock

“I like to wear sexy tops that show off my tits,” horny divorcee Cala said. “I also like fucking strangers. I’m a pretty wild swinger, and I have a really naughty fantasy. I want to do a gang bang with an NBA team, preferably the Lakers, on their home court and finish it bukkake style.”

Hmmm…that would keep Jack Nicholson glued to his courtside seat until the end of the game.

“I once did a small blow bang on the dance floor of a night club in San Diego. I was surrounded by hundreds of people, and I’d guess most of them knew exactly what was happening!”

In this scene, the machine the door-to-door salesman is selling is called “The Carpet Sucker.” Cala’s mouth is called “The Cock Sucker” and her pussy is called “The Cock Fucker.” At least that’s what they should be called. Cala is a serious hottie, and she answers the door wearing a sheer, red top that her nipples are poking through. Her tits are big, and so are the salesman’s eyes when he sees what Cala is wearing.

“Come on in, Sweetie,” Cala says. “Show me everything you’ve got.”

Maybe we oughta quit our day jobs and take up door-to-door salesman. They seem to get all the perks.

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Chantal’s Tits and Your Cock

Chantal's Tits and Your Cock

Chantal Raye applied to and one look at the at-home shots the Carolina honey emailed our studio was all it took to welcome her aboard. Chantal has a very pretty face. She’s cute and has a great smile.

Chantal says that when she meets a guy, she first looks at his feet. Feet? “Most women say a guy’s stomach but I look at his feet. I like nice feet. I like a nice smile too.” Chantal is not especially interested in feet here. In fact, she’s totally cock-focused; jacking, sucking and titty-fucking. And she’s very good at it.

“I always make the first move and I like sex almost every day. I can be very assertive,” Chantal says in her sexy voice. Fucking complete strangers on-camera is as assertive as anyone can possibly get. Even though she’s masturbating her cock-buddy here, and doing fine at it, Chantal says she doesn’t masturbate herself. “That’s something I’ve never really done at all,” says Chantal. “But I’ve listened to a few girls do it.”

Now that’s different.

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Wifely Duties Include Anal

Wifely Duties Include Anal

Lila Lovely is a great wifey with great, big tits. Her tits and ass-obsessed husband likes Lila to wear a filmy nightie or some other hot outfit when she cleans the house. Lila is on her hands and knees scrubbing the floor as we check into the Lovely household. It’s a very nice sight.

Her husband’s friend Tony thinks so too. He must be a very close friend of Lila’s man to just walk into his house and sneak into the living room while his wife’s in a doggie on the floor. Naturally, he gets as stiff as concrete.

Tony plays the easy card with Lila, eye-banging her, checking out her big, fat jugs and big, fat ass and getting an eye-bang back. Lila looks very pleased to see him. She likes to please all guys who pay attention to her. Tony gets to drill Lila’s asshole, too. She really is good to her husband’s buddies. Love thy neighbor.

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Gia Costello: Sexy MILF’s Healing Hands

Gia Costello: Hawt MILF's Healing Hands

Big-Boob and hawt darksome brown Gia Costello is ready to workout with Sean Lawless, but when that babe drops by his place to pick him up, he’s in daybed with a leg cramp and tells her that ladies man can’t make it. Always willing to aid, with a heart as large as her mangos, Gia suggests to massage the muscle. This babe hovers over Sean, her bigger than average, squashy boobies ready to bust with out her taut top. That skirt chaser accepts her kind offer, his eyes popping at the sight of her heavy fullsome funbags.

Gia begins to rub his haunch and that raises Sean’s flag. Gia salutes it with a great deep-throat oral-job on his like muscle. She swallows his bloated shaft to the root and no doubt Sean is thanking the universe for this gal of mercy.

Gia climbs on-board Sean and rides his shlong love it is the beloved at Churchill Downs racetrack. They bonk inflexible and lengthy and after rogering Gia fast and unfathomable from behind, Sean sprays her hawt body with nut-cream. He is regained the use of his leg! It’s a miracle thank you to the lustful skills of Miss Sexysicilianxxx Gia Costello. Now they can get to the Fitness Centre unless they urge to break the bed anew.

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Diana Eisley: Hostess With The Mostest

Diana Eisley: Hostess With The Mostest

Charming Diana Eisley is an anatomy-award winning girl-next-door with a spectacular body and 36H-cup bumpers. Finding her was total happenstance and a cheerful event. Diana wasn’t actively looking to glamour model and had by no means made any attempts to connect with The SCORE Group studio staff.

She’s worked as a camp counselor and was working in a restaurant, the kind of beauty we’d hire in a heartbeat if we owned a restaurant.

This scene is shot on a terrace overlooking the bay. For somebody who was absolutely new at it, Diana is very hawt and smooth. She was avid to try hardcore with a boy and this babe was a super-hottie in that also.

XLGirls: In advance of this rencounter with our talent scout, you wanted to do porn, but let us face it: You don’t look love the archetypal porn star.

Diana: I know.

XLGirls: Were you aware that there were magazines and websites featuring angels who look adore u?

Diana: Not gals with real boobies.

XLGirls: So not solely did you not know where to go to become a adult model; u did not think anyone would want u.

Diana: Yep.

XLGirls: And now that you’ve found out that we do, how does that make you feel?

Diana: I am definitely a little more confident in myself ‘cuz I realize there are all different preferences in body sort. Some people adore the very petite cuties. Some people like gals with a little bit of a bust.

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Roughing It

Roughing It

Getting boned on-camera at XL Cuties. is a charisma for fat-boobed, fat-assed Mamma I’D LIKE TO FUCK Cami Cooper. Her porn professor is Carlos Rios. Cami took anything Carlos could throw at her including throwing her around like a life-sized doll, smacking and thrashing her ass and big, heavy mama bra-busters, slamming into her bawdy cleft love a meat drill and roughing her up from beginning to end.

“I maybe have sex three times a week at home,” said Cami, “but not with lads who do porn love Carlos. I adore large, thick dicks and this woman chaser had one for me. I am passive, for sure, and he’s the total opposite. He indeed gave it to me precious.”

Cami went home with an experience that babe could think about when that babe masturbates, smth she says this babe does a lot of when this babe can. Cami said that babe has a trunk full of women’s sex-aids at home. That babe can use them to make herself cum when she watches her vids.

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All this and anal, too!

All this and anal, too!

This is for all fans of big tits, hairy pussies and anal fucking. Yeah, we know, we’ve covered a lot of ground there, but hey, there’s a lot to like about Elektra, who’s 44 years old and from Connecticut (now living in Florida).

The tits are DD-cup naturals.

She usually doesn’t wear panties, but she wore them for us because we wanted to see her pussy hair overflowing her g-string.

Her asshole gets filled with cock.

Elektra likes to go to casinos. She likes older men and being handcuffed. She’s into guys and girls.

“I once licked two girls’ pussies,” she confessed. “I’ve lived out all of my fantasies. Two girls, three girls, gang bangs, interracial. I’ve even been in a movie with Nina Hartley.”

By the way, if you’re ever with Elektra and want to satisfy her, go down and eat that hairy pussy. Despite all of the kinky things she’s done, Elektra is still easy to satisfy.

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