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The super-busty MILF gets ass-fucked

The super-busty MILF gets ass-fucked

At the 17-minute mark of this video, Tahnee says, “I want you to take that cock and stick it in my ass and fuck me like the whore that I am.”

Now, Tahnee doesn’t really think she’s a whore. It’s just that women sometimes say things when they’re in the heat of passion. And Tahnee isn’t a whore. A busty old slut? Yes. Absolutely. No doubt about it. She has DD-cup tits. That makes her busty. She’s 47 years old. That makes her old. She loves having strange cocks in her mouth, pussy and asshole, and when she’s horny, she goes for it. That makes her a slut.

“I’m a shy girl, but I love getting fucked in my ass,” Tahnee told us. To her stud, she says, “I’m a nasty little girl. A nasty big little girl.” It’s Tahnee’s tits that are big. The stud’s load is big, too. He shoots it into Tahnee’s open mouth, and she sucks the cum off his cock-head. Very nice.

We asked Tahnee for the funniest pickup line she’s ever heard, and she said, “A guy once said to me, ‘Hi. I’m an astronaut and my next mission is to explore Uranus.”

Too late, buddy. The exploring has already been done.

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The cabana boy serves Stormy a cum cocktail

The cabana boy serves Stormy a cum cocktail

It’s a hot summer day, and Stormy Lynne, a 45-year-old divorcee from Ohio, is overheated. Tall, blonde and sexy, Stormy has just come in from the pool, and she needs something to cool her down. But where’s that cabana boy? She needs her drink, and fast. She needs his cock, and fast! Finally, he shows up with her drink.

“Is there anything else I can do for you?” Cabana Boy asks.

“What other services do you do?” Stormy asks.

“Pretty much anything that you’d like,” he says.

“Does eating pussy fall in that category?” she asks, spreading her legs to show him what’s under her skirt.


“Why don’t you put that tray down and start eating this pussy,” Stormy suggests.

Now that’s a heck of an idea! Stormy’s pussy is bald and pink. The Cabana Boy might get fired for this, but it’ll be worth it. You see, Stormy has DD-cup tits. And she’s a great cock sucker. And she’s got tight abs and a pierced belly button. And her pussy can really take a pounding. What else does the Cabana Boy serve?

“Oh, I want to taste your cum!” Stormy says. Coming right up, ma’am!

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The big-titted divorcee and the big-cocked porn stud

The big-titted divorcee and the big-cocked porn stud

Naturally stacked 47-year-old divorcee Tahnee Taylor is ready for action. The guy she’s with is 25 years old, and Tahnee immediately takes on the challenge of getting his big cock into her mouth. She succeeds and even lets him fuck her mouth. The more she sucks, the deeper she goes, and at one point, she has to come up for air, but she goes right down again.

How much can Tahnee take? A lot.

“You just made my pussy wet,” Tahnee says as she goes down to suck some more.

You gotta love a MILF who gets wet from sucking cock. Next, Tahnee lies back, spreads her legs and gets fucked. Her huge, natural tits jiggle as she gets boned, and she likes to tweak her nipples and play with her clit, too. Tahnee gets fucked in every possible position, and her reward is a mouthful of cum.

Tahnee is one of those women who seems shy and reserved until she takes off her clothes. Then the wild woman inside of her comes out and takes over.

“I once had sex next to the train tracks in Orange County, California, on top of this guy’s Camaro,” Tahnee said. “When the train came by…talk about an orgasm!”

And talk about a pair of tits!

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