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Put Your Meat In My Tit Sandwich

Put Your Meat In My Tit Sandwich

Big tits are the best thing since sliced bread. They are fun to play with, provide a resting place for your head when you are tired and they provide entertainment when they bounce up and down. And you know what else they provide? Shelter for your cock, dude. That’s right. When it’s cold out, big tits become a cock-cozy where you can let your meat be comfy in a nice, warm and snug place. Our busty friend, Stacy, knows all about the versatility of her rack, too. She uses it to entice this guy into a bonerfied frenzy, and then she whips them out and buffs this guys package. Then she encourages him to grab and knead her doughy mams while she mounts his junk and pounds it with her chocolate cunt until he creams all over her jugs. Yup, boobs are pretty fucking great and great to fuck, too.

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Tasty Kakey

Tasty Kakey

Our latest dime piece is a chick who makes you want to bite off more than you can chew. She’s a caramel-skinned sex kitten who takes pride in her 42 inches of ass meat.

“I’m just showing off my ass,” Kakey says as her scene opens. “This is why they call me Kakey–because of this big ass. I’m ready to get fucked today. I want it real hard and real fast.”

And she’s going to get it. Our friend Juan Largo is here to do what he does best: bang out big-bootied chicks who are hungry for dick. This is going to be a hot and sticky one, and Kakey is ready.

“I know you want all this ass,” she says. “And you want this pussy.”

We want our slice of tasty Kakey.


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Mae Montgomery & Her 38J-cups

Mae Montgomery & Her 38J-cups

Mae Montgomery has 38J-cup tits and a thickalicious body. Connecting with XLGirls was the right thing to do, in our opinion.

“I have huge breasts and a thick ass. Men and women both love it. I love showing it off. I like to think of myself as Joan Holloway in Mad Men. A complete modern day bombshell. I know how to get their attention and then surprise them with my amazing personality.

“I have always loved my body, and, yes, I know exactly what I wear when I go out. So I know when someone looks it’s because of what I choose to wear and I don’t judge them for it. Whether I like it or not, people will look at my body, thankfully. I just happen to enjoy it so why not flaunt what I have? It’s a gorgeous body that should be shown off.”

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Hot Tub Hump Machine

Hot Tub Hump Machine

Slone Ryder was a naturally big-busted dancer who discovered Voluptuous magazine in an unusual way. Said Slone, “I was dancing for a number of years at The Manhattan Club in Richmond, Kentucky and I even did some softcore films. But, I felt like I was ready to do something a little more bold. I was getting a little bored and decided I wanted to branch out and get into modeling and performing in hardcore films. I have always wanted to do that, but I just never sought out the opportunity. I actually had a Voluptuous magazine at my house and I saw your email address and I sent you an email and that’s what got me here. My brother is a distributor in our area. I knew about Voluptuous, so I asked him for a copy. I was very curious because I had heard of the company and wanted to see what it was all about.”

Slone was a natural at posing nude from her stage act, and a natural at masturbation and fucking on-camera. Her big tits get Slone lots of attention. Who wouldn’t get a lump in their pants seeing her fertile body?

“My measurements are 40-32-40, and my bra size is normally a 34DDD or even an E-cup, but E-cup bras are much more difficult to find, so for most of my bras I’ll go a size smaller and wear a 36DD. That fits really snug, but it gets the job done.”

Unfortunately, Slone retired just as she was getting warmed up.

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To Pop A Nut On Poppy

To Pop A Nut On Poppy

Poppy the plump blonde sucks on her toy but there will be no need for it because Neeo races over to her to replace the toy with his rock-hard dick. Dominating his female sex partners is Neeo’s rep, and he gives the compliant, man-worshiping Poppy the full male-control treatment. No romance for Poppy here. This guy doesn’t play the reluctant fucker in his scenes like some male porn stars.

Neeo fucks her huge tits with ramming speed, holding Poppy by the head. Feeding her cock, he pulls her head in closer so as much dick as she can take goes down her throat. It’s down and dirty. Raw sex, nasty and sweaty.

Neeo takes Poppy’s toy and puts it in her mouth and pussy while he tit-fucks her hard. When he’s had his dick sucked and boob-banged to his satisfaction, he mounts the thick blonde and fucks her brains out. Poppy’s met the boss and watches as he pops his nut on her big, fat hooters.

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Andi Peacock: Sexy Stunner Dips & Strips

Andi Peacock: Sexy Stunner Dips & Strips

Andi Peacock shows off her sexy curves in a bikini and goes for a dip in her pool. That doesn’t cool down this chesty charmer’s hot body one bit. She plays with her big tits and tight pussy at poolside, then goes indoors to her bedroom for some toy fucking. A guy can get his rocks off very easily looking at eye candy like Andi.

Andi used to work at a hair salon. Now she shoots videos and photos and came our way through her husband, a route that models such as Jasmine Jones, Nikki Cars and other bodacious babes have taken.

Andi’s hobbies are roller skating, movies and baking. “I did play roller derby for a few years. I watch baseball and football. My favorite team is the Chicago White Sox. I don’t workout but I like to skate or take walks. One day, I want to travel to Europe and visit Greece, Germany and Italy.”

Andi Peacock: that super-hot woman-next-door we all want to live near.

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From the beach to the sheets

From the beach to the sheets

When you’re hanging out on South Beach, you never really get a chance to appreciate the tropical paradise surrounding you. How could you? Not with phat-assed dime pieces taking a dip in the ocean and walking up and down the streets. Our boy JMac knows all about this. In fact, one bangin’ mama has already caught his eye. The girl is Luscious Louis, and he’s doing his best to be discreet while checking her out as she makes her way back to her apartment. Although, as Louis nears her apartment, JMac can’t help himself and reaches over and snaps her thong, which is sticking out of her jeans.

For a moment, she appears to be shocked and then flattered. She likes what she sees. And if JMac liked the view of her ass when she was walking, he’s going to love the view when he’s hittin’ it from the back.

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