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Worship Dat Ass

Worship Dat Ass

“Are you ready to worship my ass?” Tia asks as she teases us with her caramel ‘donk. “Come worship my ass.”

You don’t have to tell our boy Jarrod Steed twice. He makes his way over and begins licking and nibbling on Tia’s plump trunk.

“You like that phat ass?” Tia asks as Jarrod devours her cafe con leche buns.

Worship may be an understatement for how Jarrod’s going to work on this booty. It’s more like a heartfelt, hands down, cocks up devotional to ass and pussy. Jarrod is getting down and dirty, diddling Tia’s asshole and giving her a rim job, too.

These two eventually drop down to the floor to get to work. Tia plants her buns on Jarrod’s face in a 69 position and takes his cock all the way down her throat. Jarrod’s man meat is lubed and ready for pussy now, so Tia moves up a bit and slides him snugly inside her.

“Your cock feels so good in my tight, little pussy,” she moans as she twerks on his junk reverse cowgirl.

Real girls get down on the floor, and Tia couldn’t be more real. This chick gets worked up so much she pulls Jarrod’s cock out of her slick hole just so she can taste her own pussy juices.

“Oh, let me taste that pussy,” she says, shoving Jarrod’s cock back into her mouth.

Sitting on it again, Tia goes back to work on his cock reverse cowgirl. Soon, Jarrod is ready to take control, though. He has Tia turn around and he teases her a bit by fucking her ass cheeks before finally stuffing himself back inside her and beasting on that tight pussy from the side and doggy-style.

“Oh, cum on my ass!” Tia screams as he’s slamming in and out of her pussy.

Again, you don’t have to tell Jarrod more than once and he shoots a hot load all over her plump trunk.

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XLGirl Ally Rayz In Heat

XLGirl Ally Rayz In Heat

Nicky Rebel studiously examines Ally Rayz‘s heavy, hanging tits and big butt, feeling her creamy, soft flesh. He plays with her pendulous boobs, sucks on her nipples and fingers her pussy to make it wet for dick penetration.

Ally opens her mouth wide for his cock. She sucks on the shaft, her tongue swirling around it and also tongue-bathes his balls. Nicky fucks her tits for a while, then buries his dick inside her pussy for the first of several positions. Ladies cum first, so Ally gets on top, facing him, and slides down to ride the pole while Nicky has his hands overflowing with her butt cheeks.

Ally likes mild BDSM, getting spanked, clitoral stimulation, breast worship and fingering. She said she has sex one or two times a week at home. Her favorite sex position is doggie-style. When Nicky fucks her from behind, Ally’s dangling breasts swing like bell clappers.

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Work It Out With Ivanna Lace

Work It Out With Ivanna Lace

When gorgeous Ivanna Lace works out, she does it with dedication, high energy and passion. She wants to keep her beautiful body in top shape. Keep a few feet away or you could risk getting hit by her heavy, swinging boobs. You’d probably love that.

A whirlwind of motion, Ivanna does her stretches, calisthenics, breast jiggling, swinging, bouncing, clapping, hanging and flexing. She’d be a great training partner. We get tired but erect just watching her work out. If anyone is an inspiration to start a fitness routine, Ivanna’s the one.

Ivanna takes a break and extracts an object from her couch for some girl-play time. There are furniture stores that include free sex toys when a model buys a sofa or a bed. Only models can shop at these places.

XLGirls: Ivanna, if you could print any word or sentence on your T-shirt, what would it be?

Ivanna: My brain is power. My tits are not my brain but they are also my power.

XLGirls: Have you ever dated a man who didn’t care about big breasts?

Ivanna: No, I haven’t. Every normal man likes breasts.

XLGirls: What would you like to say to your many admirers at

Ivanna: I am very pleased by you all. I wish everyone and each of you to be healthy! I am very grateful to everyone who follows me and supports me.

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Naia Bee: Cum Honey

Naia Bee: Cum Honey

“I love lots of nipple play and my favorite position is cowgirl,” Naia Bee said. Naia gets a spanking and also spanks herself as she’s getting dicked-down. She’s a lusty, lush girl with 38HH-cup tits. Naia’s full of erotic energy that she needs to put out there in the universe so she decided to get into horny breast-bouncing XXX videos.

Tyler sits on the bed next to Naia who’s busting out her curves in a tight dress. He asks her a few questions, and when it comes to how she likes a guy’s cock to measure up, Naia checks it out for herself, unzipping him. A plush princess like this gets cocks springing to attention from the snap and that’s what happens. Naia makes a bee-line for his junk, eager to suck the honey out of it.

Naia gives Tyler a reason to live by opening wide for a fuck, pinching and pulling her nipples as they get it on in missionary before they switch around to doggie and both cowgirl positions. She rides him hard. He puts her away wet, varnishing her huge breasts with the cum-honey a horny Bee enjoys.

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Saved By The Bust

Saved By The Bust

We never thought bookworms could be hot until we got a look at Kamryn Monroe hitting the books. She’s taking notes for her final exam, so as her latest scene opens, we take the opportunity to examine her chest. Kamryn sports 42DDD-cup knockers that make your mouth water and your knees weak.

“Are you going to help me?” Kamryn asks, smiling up at us. “You can tutor me.”

It has been a long time since we’ve been in school, but as long as she’s here with her boobs pouring out of her blouse, we’ll do our best to help her. And there are a few subjects in which we are well-versed. In school, you learn the Three R’s: reading, writing and arithmetic. At XL Girls, we’re all about the Three B’s: body, boobs and beauty. So there’s only one answer when Kamryn sweetly asks, “Do you want me to get naked?”

Yes, yes, yes! Kamryn takes off her top, slips off her bra and begins playing with her tits. Then she takes a seat on the desk behind her, pulls her panties off and begins to stroke her clit. Her tits quiver and waves of pleasure wash over her face as she nears her orgasm. When she finally cums, she lets out long, relieved gasps. And we get one last look at her body, boobs and beautiful face.

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Greta Grindhouse & Her Backdoor Stud

Greta Grindhouse & Her Backdoor Stud

Greta Grindhouse is putting things away in her bedroom, and to do that well, she has to bend forward at the waist. Her buddy Micky is chilling out on her bed enjoying the sight of his friend’s plump ass in a mini-skirt. He takes some cell phone shots of Greta from behind and gives her cheeks a love spank.

Greta climbs into bed dressed and goes down on Micky, sucking his rigid cock and balls. The succulent redhead has a magic tongue and Micky is a lucky man to be the recipient of her lusty lip-service. Greta takes off her clothes piece by piece, keeping her fishnets on for a while.

Micky buries his dick inside Greta’s shaved, wet pussy, and when she asks him to fuck her ass, her wish is his command. He slowly slides his cock into Greta’s butt-hole, opening her up before he builds up speed and deeper thrusting. While they fuck, they talk dirty to each other non-stop. That makes them even hornier.

Both a sexy model and an artist who depicts sexy models, Greta loves the vintage look of an earlier era of pin-ups and glamour girls. She says she loves being sexually dominated and worshipped at the same time and that’s what Micky does for his hot friend in this scene. “I didn’t have much experience with anal until this year,” Greta told us. “I’ve been having fun exploring more anal play.” The proof is in this video.

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Mia Sweetheart & The Man From Deep Fingers

Mia Sweetheart & The Man From Deep Fingers

Lovely Mia Sweetheart could use some relaxation. A massage by a guy with strong hands is just what she wants. Wearing only a robe, she walks into the massage room ready for action.

Dropping the robe, Mia gets on the massage bed eager for a deep massage of her very large tits that are the talk of the town, her creamy thighs and her pillowy ass–the kind of butt no one would ever leave behind.

The masseur gives Mia his happy fingers rubdown treatment, using generous amounts of oil on her breasts, legs and tush. This takes time and this masseur is in no hurry. We’d feel the same way in his place. Mia deserves A-list preferred client treatment.

To top off the massage, he uses his vibrating wand on Mia’s boobs and stiffened nipples. His complete treatment has Mia cooing and making other pleasure sounds the entire time. She’s really horny now. When he leaves the room, she sees he forgot to take the wand so she rubs her pussy with it, enjoying the intense tingling.

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