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Bikini Pool Pick-up

Bikini Pool Pick-up

Diamond Foxxx makes wonderful slurping sounds when she sucks on cock. She spends a lot of time rubbing her tits with her fuck buddy’s dick, moaning and making dirty comments. Diamond lays on her back for more tit-fucking and cock-jerking. Then he penetrates her cunt and fucks her hard. She gets it like she deserves it.

These pool boys get so much pussy.

Diamond likes a man’s man.

“If he spends more time in the mirror than I do, he’s no good,” she said. “I like a man who knows what he wants and can deliver it.” About herself, she says, “I can blend into any crowd. I can look like a soccer mom, a slut or an office professional. I like to wear revealing clothes best.”

Diamond branches out from porn now and then. A wedding ceremony with her second husband was filmed for The Learning Channel’s Brides of Beverly Hills series. You can learn a lot from this TV station. She also was cast in a Glen Danzig music video for the song Ju-Ju-Bone. You won’t be seeing that in rotation on MTV, not with naked tits on display.

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Selah Rain: The Swinging MILF & The Swinging Dick

Selah Rain: The Swinging MILF & The Swinging Dick

Selah Rain is a woman who knows what she wants, and when she sees someone she wants, she goes after him or her. She’s bisexual. Nicky Rebel gives Selah the high, hard cock and some pussy-tonguing too. He empties the contents of his balls on her face.

XLGirls: How does a man attract your attention?

Selah Rain: Nice shoes and nice teeth are a must for me. Those are the first two things I look at. Then they have to have good breath.

XLGirls: Are you a MILF?

Selah Rain: I am a true MILF. I have biological and adopted children.

XLGirls: Would the people who know you be surprised to see you here?

Selah Rain: Yes and no. They know that The SCORE Group is on my bucket list.

XLGirls: Are you a swinger?

Selah Rain: Yes, I am a swinger. My first experience in swinging was when I was picked up at church by a couple.

XLGirls: Are you a nudist?

Selah Rain: I’m naked all the time so I would say yes but I do love what clothes leave to the imagination.

XLGirls: Do you masturbate?

Selah Rain: Hell, yes, I do it multiple times a day. I enjoy pleasing myself. My favorite toy is a Oui Vibrator.

XLGirls: Are you into any fetishes?

Selah Rain: I’m very open sexually, so I enjoy a lot of fetishes. But most of all, being a dominatrix is my favorite.

XLGirls: How often do you have sex?

Selah Rain: At least once a day at a minimum. It’s a must for me.

XLGirls: What sexually satisfies you the best?

Selah Rain: Giving a BJ. I don’t know why but it turns me on so much and makes me just want to be an absolute freak in bed.

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Outdoor Cock Hunter

Outdoor Cock Hunter

Elizabeth has one of those plump white asses that makes you want to spank your monkey and her cheeks at the same time. She hangs out all day in skimpy outfits, flaunting her goodies in your face until you grab her, bend her over and whack that booty. She likes spankings, having her ass massaged and fucking outdoors because she thinks it’s hot to be kinky in places where people might see her milking a cock. And when we told her that she was going to take a dickin’ down outdoors and then a load all over her milky ass cheeks, her response was, “Okay. Just make sure that I get to rub the cum into my ass cheeks ’cause I think it’s really moisturizing.”

You gotta love a girl who sticks to her beauty regimen.

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Natasha Sweet: A Big Toy For Big Tits

Natasha Sweet: A Big Toy For Big Tits

“I like the feeling when a guy looks at my breasts and he gets nervous and excited,” said the great Natasha Sweet. “It makes me feel like a queen. I can tell the way a guy looks at me that he wants sex.”

Some girls like a guy to be a challenge but not Miss Sweet.

“I like a man to take charge. I don’t like it when a guy pretends to be a challenge because I think this means he is not really attracted to me. I like to tease a little to make sure there is real interest. I will play little games with him. Most guys are so busy staring at me and my boobs that they don’t know what to say and look confused.”

This form of male brain discombobulation when in the presence of Natasha is normal.

After her tit play, Natasha takes her little friend and plugs her pussy, making squishy sounds as she masturbates and rubbing her clit to amplify her pleasure.

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She Gives Us Wood

She Gives Us Wood

Because breakfast is the most important meal of the day, a girl like CJ Woods always makes sure her man is well-fed. She has a piping hot carafe of coffee in her hand as this scene opens, but CJ knows exactly what type of nourishment we’re interested in to start our day.

“I think you’d like to go back to bed and get some of these,” CJ says sweetly while rubbing her supple breasts. “Is this what you want to wake up to? Me playing with my pussy?”

That’s exactly what we had in mind, CJ. Her pussy is plump, her tits are plush and her face is as sweet and cute as any you’ll ever meet. Waking up to a girl like this is a surefire way to start your day with some morning wood. And CJ is just the type to help you take care of it.

CJ is rubbing her pussy in front of the dining room table. She gets herself so hot she decides to head over to the nearby couch to get more comfortable. She pulls her boobs out from her bra and plays with her already-erect nipples.

“I want you to nibble on my nipples,” she says, squeezing her nips. “I want you to do it softly. Not too hard.”

You can have it your way, CJ. After a bit more teasing, CJ takes her panties off and begins to rub on her pussy. The camera zooms in on her cunt, and her pussy is sticky and dripping wet. CJ continues rubbing and playing with her clit while fondling her tits, and she’s getting hornier and wetter by the stroke.

“You should be doing this for me,” she says, moaning.

We wish we were, but watching CJ is still one heck of a treat. When she finally cums, shivers wash over her body and a look of bliss spreads across her face. She picks up her boobs and gives them another lick.

“Are you awake now, sunshine?” she asks.

Wide awake and ready to start our day.

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We Love Lucy

We Love Lucy

“Hey, baby,” Lucy Lenore says as her scene opens. “Do you want to see me play with my tits?”

Lucy’s hot enough for us to appreciate her body even when she’s fully-dressed, so there’s no chance we’re turning down another opportunity to see her play with her tits. Of course, we’d never say no to anything involving Lucy’s J-cups. We’d take a nap on them, eat a meal off of them or whatever else she can imagine. Tits this big and this luscious leave you a lot of options.

“Don’t you wish you could touch me?” Lucy adds. “I wish you could touch me.”

She’s so close, yet so far away that she already has us inching closer to dropping our loads. But the fun has only just begun.

Lucy teases us with her tits before exploring the rest of her body. There’s a lot of beautiful ground to cover and we’re always up for plumper exploration. The moment in the video when Lucy slides her fingers into her plump pussy is mouth-watering. Her pussy looks delicious, and she knows it.

“Do you want to taste my pussy?” she asks. “My pussy tastes so good.”

When she finally cums, Lucy’s climax is intense.

“Please cum with me,” she says.

She doesn’t have to ask.

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Waking Up Hard With Anna Katz

Waking Up Hard With Anna Katz

While Nikolaus is sleeping, spectacular Anna Katz quietly approaches him. She wants to play. Anna does a striptease which doesn’t take long since she’s only wearing a tiny skirt and a halter top with no bra.

Taking Nikolaus by the cock, she wakes him up with a cock-stroking and by covering his face with her enormous breasts. So, who needs an alarm clock when Anna is there?

Anna continues her wake-up technique by giving him a blow job and ball-licking. She wants more and so does Nikolaus, who tit-fucks her. Her tits are so big, his dick disappears inside her cleavage.

Anna and Nikolaus sixty-nine, making her pink pussy wet and juicy for fucking. Nikolaus spreads and fucks Anna, and her passionate moans fill the room. After deep fucking Anna’s cunt, Nikolaus turns his attention to her ample ass, sticking a finger in her precious butthole and then replacing it with his cock.

The greatest way to wake up. Ever.

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