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Kitty Cute’s Rub Down, Rub Up Massage Parlor

Kitty Cute's Rub Down, Rub Up Massage Parlor

Kitty Cute‘s massages are in demand. Her huge and heavy twins are masterworks of nature. Kitty massages her clients with more than her hands. She uses her boobs as massagers. She rubs you down and rubs you up and then you pop.

Tom seeks relief from muscular stiffness but only gets much stiffer when he sees Kitty and she touches him. Kitty starts massaging him and takes off her bra to release her giant pillows. Is this any way to run a massage parlor? Of course, it is.

Smiling Kitty oils her precious naturals so she can give Tom a big titty Kitty tit fuck. She yanks his bloated dick and lowers her body over the pole, inching it up her tight pink kitty. Kitty wants more fucking and gets on her back. Tom’s delivery of hot sauce to spray her breasts is imminent.

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Gia Costello: Home Is Where The Hottie Is

Gia Costello: Home Is Where The Hottie Is

“I will admit, I think cock size is relatively important!” said Gia Costello.

“I would call myself spoiled as far as that goes. In real life I’ve had boyfriends that were pretty well-endowed. And in my experiences filming with SCORE, the guys have been huge.

“Perfect is a nice eight inches or nine inches with some thickness. But it’s not a deal breaker if he’s not that big, he just has to show me he can use it well! My favorite position for tit-fucking is probably on my back, with my head hanging off the bed so they’re extra bouncy!” Gia assumed that position when peeper Nicky Rebel boob-fucked her.

Busty Gia starts to tidy up the living room when she feels the need to tickle her mommy pussy. Clean-up will need to take place later. The window blinds were open and anyone looking in would have gotten a real eyeful.

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Bounce Those Boobs

Bounce Those Boobs

Boobs are for bouncing. Our cameras are always ready to document the finest babes shaking, bouncing and jiggling their natural treasures.

This is what being an XL Girl is all about. Sexy and desirable, with a curvy figure, full, heavy breasts, a well-padded rack and a big booty.

In Bounce Those Boobs, the girls in order of appearance are Jennica Lynn, Ivanna Lace, Helen and Erin Star, Mia Sweetheart, Kamille Amora, Lavina Dream, Candy Kat and Kamryn Monroe.

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Peyton’s Just Desserts

Peyton's Just Desserts

A tasty treat herself, Peyton Thomas has a big array of tasty treats spread before her. Cupcakes in all kinds of bright colors. They’re not simply for tasting. They’re for decoration. Decorating Peyton’s enormous boobs and her tasty tush cheeks, that is.

By the time Peyton is done, her body is a palette of blue, yellow, pink and purple frosting. Taste the rainbow! It’s a cupcake orgy for a girl who’s a cupcake. She just needs a dude to lick her all over as if in a Feed Her, Fuck Her scene.

Peyton is athletic and likes to play volleyball. In school, Peyton was a cheerleader. We can picture it now.

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Worship That Ass

Worship That Ass

Sara Jay has big tits–really big tits. But it’s her butt that gets attention. “People don’t expect an ass like mine on a white girl like me,” she said. “That’s why as much attention as my tits have gotten me, my ass has gotten me a lot more.” She knows how to use it, too.

No, Sara doesn’t take it up the ass. Pity. But she definitely knows how to work her booty, as you’re gonna see in these pictures when she gets her salad tossed. The girl knows everything there is to know about ass worship because her ass has been worshiped a lot.

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Mabel Moore: Study Buddy

Mabel Moore: Study Buddy

Mabel Moore is in bed studying when Shay Long feels compelled to distract her and turn her attention to him by palming her giant breasts. He suggests a study break. Mabel’s onboard with that idea. Too much course work and no play is no fun, so Mabel closes her laptop. She pulls down her tube top to let Shay feel up her massive boobs, knockers that are the talk of the town.

He squirts Mabel’s spectacular boobs with white lotion and rubs the stuff in. After sucking on Mabel’s nipples, Shay takes his cock out for her to tit-fuck and blow. His dick disappears between her enormous pillows.

After finger-banging Mabel, using a toy on her clit to add to her pleasure, Shay fucks Mabel in missionary and doggie. Then she offers her tits as a landing pad for his spunk and licks his cock clean when it stops squirting.

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Into The Night

Into The Night

If ultra-slim brunettes with big boobs put a rocket in your pocket, Nadia Night may be the girl for you. The Italian-Columbian-American (Florida-born and raised) babe, who lives in California, recruits men with big dicks who know how to use them. Nadia knows exactly how to handle a hard cock with her trained, pierced tongue. If you need your dick sucked by a blow-job expert, she is the one to feed your dick to, morning, noon or night.

Nadia’s not big on masturbating to get off. She’d rather get her cunt walls spread by thick cock. She decided to combine taking off her clothes with fucking as her career goal. There’s always room in show business for a girl who wants to show her business. Here is the proof.

Nadia gives off a nasty, slutty vibe in this scene that feels like old-school porn. This is not for those seeking neck-kissing foo-foo videos for the “erotica” audience. This is raw, raunchy porn for red-blooded men.

Nadia is 6’1″ in what she calls her “naughty, fuck shoes.” She is a girl who likes to taste her pussy. She says it tastes yummy. “Yummy” is a word Nadia uses a lot besides “naughty.” That’s a topic you don’t see much about: girls who like to taste their own pussy juice. How many are there out there? The highest compliment a man can pay Nadia is to drop his nut-glue all over her tits or face or jack his spunk at the sight of her doing “naughty” things.

If you haven’t seen Nadia before, you may find her habit-forming. “I like yummy cock,” says the yum-yum, naughty girl.

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