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Mabel Moore: Lass With An Ass & Huge Tits

Mabel Moore: Lass With An Ass & Huge Tits

Mabel Moore is in a playful mood. Her photographer teases her and she teases him back. She slowly peels off her pants and top to show her black bustier corset. Their tease game ends with Mabel in bed sucking on his dick like a candy cane and pressing her vibrator against his nuts.

Mabel likes a lot of lip service paid to her giant, shapely boobs, and Shay is up for that. He eats out and vibrates Mabel. While he’s finger-fucking her and she’s vibrating her clit, she squirts a gusher and cries out in pleasure. After this explosion of pleasure, Mabel is ready for fucking.

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You Want A Girl Like Ivanna Lace

You Want A Girl Like Ivanna Lace

You’re at Ivanna Laces’s place where the big show never ends. She’s the reason the hobby of girl-watching was invented. A beauty among beauties, Ivanna takes off her tight red dress and walks over to her full-length mirror by her bed to admire the view of her huge breasts in her bra and her endless curves.

Ivanna, who’s the dream girl of many, tries on another bra and panty set she’s bought and approves of how her tits look in them. She puts on a blue teddy to sleep in and gets into her bed. Except Ivanna can’t fall asleep, so she takes off her negligee, fondles her heavy sexy tits, puts lube on her pussy and masturbates with a huge fuck-toy. She pumps her pink cookie, wet from lube and her own juices, and cums. Now, a satisfied Ivanna can sleep and have sexy dreams.

“All of my life, since I can remember, guys have paid much attention to me. That is one of the reasons I became a web model,” Ivanna told us a few years ago. “I am very proud of my body. I developed early and I always got a lot of attention.”

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Tits & Tees

Tits & Tees

Pretty Peyton Thomas put on a white crop-top, white panties and stacked red heels and walked into the garage. Meanwhile, our oil cannon was getting filled, ready to squirt Peyton when she backed up against the wall. They let her have it until she was nice and wet and dripping with the slick. The Coast Guard offered to help with the oil slick but we told them everything was chest fine.

Now soaked, the sexy brunette rubs the oil in and gives us a major boob show. Peyton’s mind-blowing boobs are huge beyond belief. She buys 40N-cup bras. That’s twice as big as a man’s head. A guy could spend many enjoyable hours with his face and cock inside her cleavage.

Peyton rips her now-drenched crop-top and takes it off. The sight of her naked massive hooters should have die-hard breast men ready to weep tears of joy.

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V Is For Vanya

V Is For Vanya

“A friend suggested I apply to The SCORE Group,” said Vanya Vixen.

“I always wear a bra in public but as soon as I get home, the bra comes off. I like Balconette, right off the rack.”

Speaking of racks, Vanya says she developed early. She wasn’t the bustiest girl in school until high school.

A vixen with fetish pursuits, Vanya’s tats are just the start. “I love to be a domina. I like spanking people. I love hosiery, corsets, chunky heels, wedges, smoking, foot fetishism, sensory play and tickling. But nothing too harsh.”

Vanya’s a Florida girl and likes to spend time on arts and crafts and photography when she’s not spanking someone’s ass. She’s a web-cam model and calls herself a homebody.

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Kamille Amora: What Are Breast Friends For?

Kamille Amora: What Are Breast Friends For?

Brick Danger gets a call from Kamille Amora to come over about a serious matter. Her boyfriend is Brick’s best friend and he hasn’t been giving Kamille any cock for some time. This is not a good situation because Kamille wants to get fucked and as often as possible.

She’s called Brick because she secretly wants him to fuck her, and the lack of sex from her boyfriend has reached critical levels. Brick drops by and listens to her talk about the problem. He gets the hint to move in on his buddy’s girl because Kamille is in her bedroom and dressed in a short skirt, high heels and a top that shows off her XL-sized tits–boobs that are pure man-bait for horny guys.

Brick picks up her signals, but just to make sure, Kamille reaches out to touch him. There are best friends and then there are breast friends. It’s either the bro code and respect your best friend or fuck your best friend’s girl in their bed when he’s not home and make her your breast friend.

Brick takes the high road and fucks Kamille’s mouth, tits and pussy, then loads Kamille’s waiting open mouth with a pint of jizz. Now he won’t have to jack off at home thinking about Kamille. He can just visit when his friend’s not home so he and Kamille can smash.

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Kitty Amore: British Bombshell

Kitty Amore: British Bombshell

“I was the girl with the biggest breasts in school. I had E-cups by the time I left,” said Kitty Amore. “Now I have 36K-cup tits and it’s sometimes difficult to buy bras. I prefer a full cup and lots of support.

“Since lockdown, I’ve started wearing bras much less. I love letting them be free. I do put on a bra when I go out. I’m happy having such large breasts and I’m happy being able to model and express myself.”

Kitty has that wow factor that makes people turn around to look at her. They may never guess what she does for a living but they know she’s someone special. She likes connecting with people, male or female. “When it’s a beautiful connection, sex becomes a lot more intimate and passionate.”

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A poolside suck & an indoor fuck for Robbin Banx

A poolside suck & an indoor fuck for Robbin Banx

In broad daylight, next to a house pool in a neighborhood in Miami, Florida, 46-year-old Robbin Banx gets her tits and ass oiled and sucks cock and balls for all the world to see.

“I don’t mind if we have some Peeping Toms,” Ms. Banx said. “If I can bring light to someone else’s life and help them enjoy the moment, I’m all about it.”

She definitely brings some light to her stud’s life as she deep-throats his cock then takes him inside to fuck him every which way. Robbin has big tits (she says she’s a C-cupper, but we’d be willing to bet her boobs pour out of her bra), a nice, firm, round ass (that comes from working out daily), and a big clit. She’s an aggressive, sexy MILF with one kid, and she has been in a lot of sexual situations in her life. For example, she once participated in an orgy at the Playboy mansion.

As you explore Robbin’s body, especially when she’s wearing the little bikini she has on at the start of this scene, you might notice her washboard stomach.

“I eat so much cake and sugar, I have to workout,” she said. Where that cake and sugar has gone, we don’t know. There’s no evidence of it on her body.

Robbin is from the UK and lives in Fort Lauderdale, right in 40Somethingmag‘s backyard. She’s been an adult model for a long time, although she spent a lot of those years doing tame stuff for magazines like Playboy before she started doing what we really want to see: this. So now she’s in her mid-40s and in her prime. When we told her that the older she gets, the more we want her, she said, “That’s quite surprising, but I get it. It’s just the pressure of society that makes you feel like you’re too old when I am proof that I’m not. The older I get, the more you’re gonna love me.”

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