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The T&A Workout

The T&A Workout

Some gals glamour model nude one time or twice and at no time return or appear anywhere else. That’s the case with Dayton Hines, a creamy-skinned blonde from Michigan.

Dayton was a 19-year-old pupil when that babe posed, charmed and persuaded by a male friend (but not a hubby) to send her photos to us. Her buddy was an batty TSG fan and thought everyone would love Dayton. This man probably could have sold ice to Norway.

Dayton said that babe loves doing outdoor things with allies and intend to exotic dancing clubs at night, places with lots of people and activity. “I adore to wear sexy, low-cut tops, taut skirts and tight shirts,” Dayton said. “Sometimes I wear a brassiere, sometimes I do not.

This is a reformatting of the Dayton Hines workout. We don’t know of any fitness centers that allow this. If we did, we’d send our glamour model reps there daily.

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