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Slammed in the Subway

Slammed in the Subway

Commuting to and fro on public transportation sucks. Let’s face it, u are cramped into small spaces with less-than-pleasant smelling folks and u are forced to listen to their babble and their complaints during the time that you pray that the next stop is yours so u can receive off and be freed from your transport prison. And no matter what you do, the total suck-factor of commuting this way will not improve. During the time that we cannot make your transit experience better, what if we suggested that you’ve to bone a Big-Boob, anal-loving wench the minute u got off the subway? What if u could acquire off, and then, receive off in a taut anal opening right after? Sounds plenty fine, huh? Well, whilst we can not promise that this will become implemented in subways all over the USA, what we can say is that it happens, so have faith. U view this hooker getting porked in an empty subway terminal and we will commence working on recruiting more working angels to give up their a-hole tunnels in the subway tunnels. Relish!

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