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Jungle Hotty

Jungle Girl

Minka does things to her jungle print bikini that no other woman on earth can do. This has the appearance of a cozy enough and private tropical setting to hunker down with Minka and acquire busy.

Fan comments about this glamour photoshoot included “Minka’s almost any good layout ever!” and “Let me say this about Minka, she’s very sexy and very pretty. I acquiesce that Minka is still the world’s number one Asian big busted queen and that’s the truth from me!”

Minka keeps very active and keeps her wondrous body in great shape with every single day tennis practice plus tournaments around The United States of America.

“My father taught me, and it was joy,” said Minka. “Then when I got scholarships to play tennis in centre school, college, high-school, it was tough ‘coz they paid me money to play, and I had no preference but to play. I had to. It was my job. And my fantasy was to play talented, but I couldn’t go adept. Too tough.

“So I came to the United States, and I avoided playing tennis when my SCORE cover came out (cover date October 1994). Completely, completely stopped, and when I moved from Virginia to Las Vegas, I still didn’t play tennis. I was doing tons of feature exotic dancing and modeling, but smth was missing. I tried to fix up my abode. Make a garden. Still, I had too much free time. I had to do smth, but I did not know what it was. But then one day, I took my tennis racquet and went to the tennis court, and right away, I loved it. Now I play each day.”

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