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Minka’s Fashion-Titas!

Minka's Fashion-Titas!

Minka tries on more titty-tops and leaves ’em stretched out, if not all of ’em ripped at the seams. When Minka came to the United States in the early 1990s, her bumpers were double-D. What was the progression to her current size?

“The 1st time, I insert TWO,300 ccs,” Minka said. “Then they put in double implants. One was saline and one was silicone, 3,500 ccs, and I could not stand up. I had a neck problem, so right away I went to the doctor and I took them out, and then a new thing came out, silly string, and that’s what I have now. But that’s very enormous, too, so I have to exercise each morning. Each morning, I do crunches and stretches. I weigh 130 pounds. Before I got these pointer sisters I have now. I weighed maybe 90, 95 pounds.”

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