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Anal masseuse

Anal masseuse

Here, Rose Marie, a 58-year-old divorcee from Phoenix, Arizona, is a masseuse. Say what? Clothed adore that, in skimpy underware with her large hooters dangling out? Hey, we didn’t say she was a licensed masseuse, did we?

The idea here is that the lad needs a shoulder rub-down. The problem is that as a masseuse, Rose Marie sucks. Sucks wang, that’s. And bonks it, also. Women like Rose Marie are giving masseuses a bad name. Or a nice name. It just depends on whether u care more about your shoulders or your jock.

Care more about your ding-dong. It’s about to shag this breasty divorcee’s butt.

“I’ve always had big milk sacks and I’ve always known what to do with ’em,” Rose Marie told. “If a guy’s not touching them whilst we’re banging or having foreplay, I’ll direct his hands to ’em, and if we’re fucking and he’s not playing with my whoppers, I’ll play with ’em myself. The day I discovered that I can engulf on my own wobblers was one of the superlatively worthy days of my life. It was love having a recent toy!”

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