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Mrs. Robinson, You are Trying To Tempt Us

Mrs. Robinson, You're Trying To Entice Us

We’d adore to know a little bit about Mrs. Robinson for our files. What relaxes Roxee?

“When I receive a indeed wonderful, thorough rub-down. I too have fun fine, hawt bubble bathroom.”

What makes her laugh?

“Good comedy clips.”

What makes Roxee randy?

“Wine and candlelight are a valuable start.”

How would that babe spend a windfall?

“I would spoil myself and voyage the world.”

What’s the majority valuable compliment a guy’s ever told? And what was the worst comment?

“You’re nice-looking inside and out.” “The worst was ‘I like obese cuties.'”

The superlatively admirable part of being Roxee?

“Guys are always treating me worthy.”

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