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Live On-Air Sex with Jade Parker at Radio K-JUGS

Live On-Air Sex with Jade Parker at Radio K-JUGS

Samantha, top DJ at radio station K-JUGS, has a peculiar guest in her studio. Take it away, Samantha.

“And now u lustful males, get your jocks greased up coz my next hawt guest is intend to make u rub out a load or two. Meet Jade Parker. She’s here to shove her latest book, Large Gals Rule In Daybed.”

Jade is a hawt, charming redhead with lots of oomph who joyfully treasures her huge chest.

“My book Bigger in size than standard Angels Rule In Sofa tells greater than typical gals to stand tall, stick their chests out and go for as much sex as they can acquire. I likewise educate this in my seminar. I am wrapping up my tour of six cities that lets large sweethearts know that they’re the finest at sex. No slim wannabe fashionistas can touch a large hotty when it comes to 10-Pounder worship. It’s time the entire world understood this.”

To demonstrate her skills and powers, Jade targets the maintenance woman chaser Carlos. Samantha says to him, “I desire you to meet Jade Parker. You’re intend to aid her prove her theories.” While Jade goes down on him, Samantha provides her listeners with the blow-by-blows.

“This is why K-JUGS is the best radio station in this town,” Samantha tells her audience. “Jade Parker, author of Big Angels Rule In Couch, is mouthing the sap with out our tool woman chaser. Touching with tongue his testicles and tonguing that enlarged shaft. She’ll be tit-fucking the cum with out his inflated shaft!”

And that is why K-JUGS is the number-one radio station in North USA!

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