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Street Corner Skank

Street Corner Skank

What is a street corner skank? Well, if u guessed that it is a woman of ill repute who barters her ass, funbags and twat for cold, unbending money, then you guessed right. And of all the skanks you will ever see on any street corner, Veronica Rayne is one of the classiest of them all. This hottie indeed knows how much that babe is worth and actually values herself. Yes, if you were to ask her how much it would cost for you to penis her down and have her suck your strapon adore her life depended on it, she would tell you it would cost a vast $100. Yep, that’s right, a whole sum of 100 smackers to smack your dick on her face. Yep, we were blown away by that dollar amount, too. During the time that her street competition is quoting amounts up to triple that, Veronica understands that we are in a recession and that the standard consumer desires a banging bargain…literally. So she’s willing to give u the deal of a lifetime. For only five crisp twenties, you can acquire your shlong slobbed on, clutch and suck on these astronomical pantoons, do whatsoever you wanna her luscious, pink clam and then ram your meat-thermometer into her box. But expect, there is more! If u impress her with your ability to group sex her love the hooker ho she’s, then that babe will cut u a break. Yep, there are more deals in this hotty than a 3 a.m. infomercial. For just $50 more, u acquire not one aperture, but 2! Veronica is wheelin’ and dealin’ her asshole out, likewise. So fetch out $150 gentlemen and pork this piggie for all she’s worth. And don’t forget to tell your friends. Who knows, maybe she’ll give u a group discount!

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