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The Titans

The Titans

Pronounced Tit-ans. What else could they possibly be called? When u get Maxi Hooters, Casey James and Minka within six square feet of territory, u ask ’em for a line-up style of posing. Would Casey, Maxi and Minka say no to our pleading, pathetic, puppydog faces? Fuck, no.

Some models may ask why we crave them to stand side-by-side and the answer is: each boob guy loves to compare the anatomies of the bigger in size than average bust stars, especially the gals with the huge boobies in the world. And it is more than just comparing breast size. This unequalled layout will let you study and ponder and breathe heavily over their haunches, legs, booties, muffs, cuffs, and even their lil’ tootsies.

The good event took place on the island of St. Thomas at the commence of Boob Cruise 2000, in advance of we sailed off. The background will be familiar to the eagle-eyed—it is the terrace of the abode where we shot the cover photo for the Holiday ’00 SCORE mag, the best-selling issue of them all. Casey, Minka and Maxi, pushovers that they are, had no objections to the concept we wanted to realize. Damn, we even gotta toss in that handy red tape measure in a slight in number shots. This shoot was the genesis of the illustrious Mega-Boob Olympics. The seed was planted on St. Thomas.

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