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Kitty Amore: British Bombshell

Kitty Amore: British Bombshell

“I was the girl with the biggest breasts in school. I had E-cups by the time I left,” said Kitty Amore. “Now I have 36K-cup tits and it’s sometimes difficult to buy bras. I prefer a full cup and lots of support.

“Since lockdown, I’ve started wearing bras much less. I love letting them be free. I do put on a bra when I go out. I’m happy having such large breasts and I’m happy being able to model and express myself.”

Kitty has that wow factor that makes people turn around to look at her. They may never guess what she does for a living but they know she’s someone special. She likes connecting with people, male or female. “When it’s a beautiful connection, sex becomes a lot more intimate and passionate.”

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A poolside suck & an indoor fuck for Robbin Banx

A poolside suck & an indoor fuck for Robbin Banx

In broad daylight, next to a house pool in a neighborhood in Miami, Florida, 46-year-old Robbin Banx gets her tits and ass oiled and sucks cock and balls for all the world to see.

“I don’t mind if we have some Peeping Toms,” Ms. Banx said. “If I can bring light to someone else’s life and help them enjoy the moment, I’m all about it.”

She definitely brings some light to her stud’s life as she deep-throats his cock then takes him inside to fuck him every which way. Robbin has big tits (she says she’s a C-cupper, but we’d be willing to bet her boobs pour out of her bra), a nice, firm, round ass (that comes from working out daily), and a big clit. She’s an aggressive, sexy MILF with one kid, and she has been in a lot of sexual situations in her life. For example, she once participated in an orgy at the Playboy mansion.

As you explore Robbin’s body, especially when she’s wearing the little bikini she has on at the start of this scene, you might notice her washboard stomach.

“I eat so much cake and sugar, I have to workout,” she said. Where that cake and sugar has gone, we don’t know. There’s no evidence of it on her body.

Robbin is from the UK and lives in Fort Lauderdale, right in 40Somethingmag‘s backyard. She’s been an adult model for a long time, although she spent a lot of those years doing tame stuff for magazines like Playboy before she started doing what we really want to see: this. So now she’s in her mid-40s and in her prime. When we told her that the older she gets, the more we want her, she said, “That’s quite surprising, but I get it. It’s just the pressure of society that makes you feel like you’re too old when I am proof that I’m not. The older I get, the more you’re gonna love me.”

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Sexy & Sweet

Sexy & Sweet

There are a lot of things to like about Suzumi Wilder. She’s sweet, a gamer, an animal lover and a biology student. But there’s one thing you should know about her that you may not know.

“I love anal sex” she said. “I think the best part about it is when the guy starts by licking your ass before he sticks his dick inside of you. I love having my ass licked, and the feeling of a nice, big cock sliding inside of my ass…it’s so good.”

We love every chance we get to have a chat with Suzumi. She’s always bubbly and talkative. Especially when the topic inevitably slides to sex. In this interview, Suzumi dishes on the first time she had anal sex, and why she’ll always be a butt-slut.

That’s just a bit of foreplay, though. All this talk has Suzumi’s pussy tingling, so she pulls her panties to the side and starts to play with her clit and finger her cunt.

“I want someone to fuck my ass,” she says sliding a finger in and out of her cunt. “I want you to fuck my ass.”

Suzumi lays down so she can fuck her ass while diddling her clit, her moans growing more intense by the second.

“I want your cock in my ass so bad,” she says. “I want your cum in my ass.”

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Mistress Kimmie

Mistress Kimmie

Kimmie Kaboom…ah…Kimmie Kaboom. We’d like to bump into Kimmie in a dark room. We know she would not hit us with that riding crop. Kimmie might hip check us over the guard rail roller derby-style but never whip us.

Kimmie seizes Tony’s head and jams it between her prodigious, prestigious boobs. A good space to place and encase your face as a neck brace before you get to first base. Each breast appears bigger than his head!

Kimmie orders Tony to lie back on the bed. She climbs on top of him and buries his face. His muffled voice means he is still breathing. Kimmie sits up so Tony can get a handle on her big boobs. She bounces and jiggles and her tits shake and quake in a fantastic display of the physics of boob motion. Then it’s Tony’s chance to suck on ’em.

Kimmie reverses her position and sticks her ass in his face. She wears no panties and her fishnet stockings have a strategic rip in them. Now, he can suck and finger Kimmie’s pussy.

It’s tit for tat so Kimmie helps him drop his jeans so she can suck his dick. Kimmie’s major yabba-doos form a boob shelf on his thigh as she checks his dipstick with her lipstick and squeezes it between her breasts. Tony stands and Kimmie lies on her belly to suck his dick again. She even holds her head still so he can fuck her open, wet mouth.

Kimmie gets on her back so Tony can straddle her and fuck her lovely tits in the classic #1 boob-banging position.

If you haven’t lost it and kaboomed at this point, you can continue on to the fuckin’ hot fuckin’, Kimmie Kaboom-style.

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Craving that BBC

Craving that BBC

Emily Eve is one of those rare white girls with a huge ass that needs to be worked over really good by a stiff dick. So that’s exactly what we did for her when she came to BootyLicious. We paired her up with Lucas, who turned her out in no time.

Emily got a thorough fucking and was especially loud when Lucas laid down the law and spanked that ass. She says she has a thing for spanking, so if you ever get a chance to share your rod with Ms. Eve, make sure you smack it up, flip it and rub it down.

Emily told us that she gives awesome BJs, and she showed off her deep-throat skills on Lucas’ giant shaft. She told us that good girls swallow, but naughty girls get cum shots all over their faces. Emily takes quite the coating all over her face, but she takes it on the chin like a champ.

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Lila Lovely: Personal Training For Hot XLGirls

Lila Lovely: Personal Training For Hot XLGirls

Lila Lovely is excited to start a new workout routine. She hires Nicky Rebel to be her personal trainer and workout with her at home. This should work out pretty good. Lila is ready to go in a tight tank and workout pants.

After checking out Lila’s body–eye-banging is more like it–Nicky decides that his first step should be to stretch Lila out. She gets on the floor so he can work on her legs.

Doing those stretching positions, Lila gives Nicky an instant boner. When he tells her to do jumping jacks, her tits bounce out of her top. Part of his personal training duties involves handling just this sort of situation, so he sucks her nipples and plays with her big tits. Lila really appreciates his dedication to physical fitness, so she bends over to let him play with her ass. He fingers her, eats her pussy, fills her mouth with cock-meat and fucks her. She picked the right trainer.

Lila tells us she has sex every day. “I feel blessed to have played out most of my fantasies on film,” Lila said. We feel blessed to watch her.

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Cravin’ that BBC

Cravin' that BBC

Emily Eve can’t wait to get fucked. That should be evident by the fact that she is wearing hooker boots and has her ass in the air. And the fact that she says, “I can’t wait to get fucked,” in the first minute and some odd seconds of this video. And our stud Lucas wastes no time giving her exactly what she needs: a hard dicking until she creams. He slams her in doggie, cowgirl, with her legs in the air and from the side. The entire time, Emily has a smile on her face, like getting pounded is the best thing that has ever happened to her. She even screams out, “Fuck me like the dirty slut I am!” because she knows how she likes it. In the end, she takes it on the chin, and by that we mean that she gets her face and tongue coated in spunk.

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