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Mirror of Greater than standard Milk shakes

Mirror of Big Boobs

Reyna Mae meets her double in the mirror dimension. “What could be more admirable than two downy, large melons?” Reyna asks her reflection. This babe slides with out her sheer teddy and heels and acquires into bed to flaunt the goodies she has to suggest to all of us who adore thickness and fleshy curves. The video includes a shower sequence.

“I love flirting and kissing and intense chemistry with a partner. What truly gets me luscious and so lewd is using a sex tool on my adore button. Wow!

“I adore girls also. My first erotic experience with a hotty was when I was 19. I adore to meet the fans at conventions but I do not escort. I savour listening to what the fans wish to say and their ideas and I appreciate their support.”

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Busty Meat-thermometer Worshipper

Busty Pecker Worshipper

Devyn Devine is looking at one of her prefered magazines (XL Gals). Devyn is not one to waste time on dunky talk, not when she can be applying vacuum cleaner suction on a sex partner’s ball sack. They receive right down to the nasty stuff with a minimum of blabbing.

That ladies man wastes no time in shoehorning his pole in and out of her shaven cunt. As u can see, Devyn loves looking into the camera, no matter which one of her holes the jock is filling. That babe looks especially gorgeous with a strapon in her throat, cum oozing off her hefty boobs.

Devyn used to be a stripper.

“You can suffocate in my breast valley. I was a dancer for six years, and I would take tips with my mammaries. Lads would put dollars down on tip row, and I would take them and put them in their throat, and I would push my love bubbles jointly around their faces to take the tip, and I tell ya, I not quite killed tons of men. I would forget that they were in there. I would take the dollar and the song would be playing, and I’d forget a boy was in there, and I would be adore, ‘Oh, crap, I would more precious let him out.'”

Devyn has very special instructions about the kind of sex moves that babe loves. Taping her list to the headboard would be helpful for fresh boyfriends.

“I’m not a bigger than run of the mill areola goddess, so you should at no time go str8 for my nipples. U should always go for around the outside. And do not ever forget the underside. And then you go sluggishly. You receive to have something to build up to. And then u can acquire a little rougher and use your teeth. Mix it up. I have at no time been a angel who can’t live with out to go camping, and I do not wait my fellows to camp, either, so this chab is plan to begin on my chest, go down to my muff for a whilst, make his way back up to my pointer sisters for a during the time that, go back down to my cunt. Up and down.”

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A Rose Is A Rose

A Rose Is A Rose

“Toys work more admirable than my hand,” said Rose Valentina. “And I have so many now, like a bag full of ’em from filming for my Web page. Okay, maybe adore ten. It is not that much but it’s kind of a lot. And I use them all.

“But sex-aids are a lot better than dildos. If I’m intend to use a sextoy I would rather just call someone to bonk me than do it myself. When I am not getting sex I masturbate all the time. I have to or else I’m plan to be the huge floozy.”

At 1st, Rose was not used to all of the attention.

“I was shocked by all the places my name turned up on the Internet and the blogs where people could rate me. I was afraid to read ’em at first. There would be love ten pages of comments and they could be saying anything. But majority of them were indeed wonderful ratings of my boobies and performance.”

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Hot Sex For Lucy Lenore

Hot Sex For Lucy Lenore

Rion wheels Lucy Lenore‘s suitcases into the apartment she’s staying in. Instead of leaking out, Rion sticks around, hypnotized by Lucy’s large meatballs nestled in her low-cut dress. Lucy knows when she’s being eye-banged. She invites him to do more than look and they celebrate their collision for the first time by rogering and mouthing the day away.

XLGirls: What scenes or glamour models have you watched at XL Angels that indeed lewd you?

Lucy: Marilyn Mayson is my cutie crush. She’s so impressive and I’m crazy envious of her style. But I love a ton of the XL Gals! Kimmie Kaboom, Jordynn LuXXX, Lila Pleasant, Nikki Wilder! There is so many captivating girls! I am so thankful we all have the opportunity to work in this industry with you boyz. If I can add, I adore all my fans and I am so thankful for every single person who looks at my pics and videos! I wouldn’t be here without u boyz and I like it! You are all the ultimate!

XLGirls: When u were working in an adult solely store, did u ever think u would become a glamour model in the mags and DVDs u sold?

Lucy: I didn’t! I actually used to do pin up and livecam when I was a smaller size but due to my illness I gained quite a bit of weight suddenly. The funny thing is I do not think I’d have entered this industry professionally if I hadn’t gained so much weight! But I’m pleased to be in it!

XLGirls: Let us talk sex. Have u ever busted a guy’s cherry?

Lucy: I’ve. My college honey bunny. I likewise busted my high-school boyfriend’s anal cherry. This chab was charming bigger in size than run of the mill so no gals in advance of me would let him. But here’s a hint, angels, it is gonna hurt way less in your gazoo if u prepare 1st. There’s no cervix to bruise in your booty!

XLGirls: What’s the most-unusual sex position you’ve ever endevoured, outdoors of a hardcore shoot?

Lucy: I’m not sure what it is called but I’ve had my ankles bound to a headboard, laying on my back, my wrists fastened to my knees. It was marvelous fun indeed in advance of my ankles started to hurt but we had lots of pleasure in advance of then.

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Stephanie Stalls Busts Him In The Face

Stephanie Stalls Busts Him In The Face

Stephanie Stalls is a big-boobed sucker for long, thick weenies. She’s avid to receive that inflexible beef in her cum-hole but 1st she wishes to get on her knees and suck it worthy and acquire it succulent, the easier to wedge it all the way in in her gogo dancer aperture. Eventually she’ll receive completely exposed but this babe can’t live without to keep her skyscraper heels on until she gets a spurting load, unless they interfere with one of the boob shaking porn-positions that babe receives put throughout in the studio.

Stephanie likes shooting SCORE movies and pictorials ‘coz this babe knows she’ll be getting shag partners with the kind of dongs that make her cum.

Stephanie is one of these beauties who likes to view the camera and smile without any direction, knowing that at any given time, someone will be looking at one of her movie scenes and beating off. That gives her tons of joy, the same kind of rush that babe acquires from dancing on-stage in advance of a live audience of concupiscent boys and exposing her muff and merry areolas a foot from their face.

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Hawt Selfies

Sexy Selfies

It’s hot selfies time for XL Girl Nila Mason. The captivating brunette hair urges to take some smartphone shots of herself in that low-cut pink dress. We know smartphones come with a wide-angle camera lens. Nila doesn’t need that. Our average 50mm lens digi camera exposes just how large her milk shakes actually are in reality. That babe doesn’t need a smartphone’s wide-angle lens that average-sized girls use to exaggerate the size of their breasts on the web.

The shape and size of Nila’s meatballs is emphasized when she holds them in her hands. Her hands can merely hold a tiny portion of her milk shakes. It’s not an easy job finding bras that can comfortably support her enormous bazookas.

When Nila is finished with her selfie session, that babe can put the stick away and treat us to another check out her impressive and erotic body. “I often get as many compliments about my face as I do about my love bubbles,” Nila said. That’s not surprising at all.

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An Ass From Divinity

An A-hole From Divinity

“What are you looking at?” Kelly Divine asks with her gazoo pouring out of her skimpy one-piece. “My arse?”

Certainly we are, Kelly. We’re sure you get this all the time, but your ass is divine.

“There’s a little more than a handful,” she tanalises while she pops her vanilla trunk and plays with her a-hole cheeks.

And we have a pair of firm and ready hands ready to handle that more-than-a-handful whenever that babe needs it. After teasing us a bit more, Kelly takes off her one-piece and plays with her bawdy cleft a bit.

“I bet you crave to fuck me in one as well as the other my holes,” Kelly says. “But I suppose I’m plan to receive to bring my little friend out to assist me. I know you wanna see it in me.”

We’d adore to be inside of Kelly ourselves, but we’re ok with watching her acquire herself off with her pink sex-toy.

A not many minutes later, Kelly has a loud large O.

“Mmm…that felt so admirable,” this babe says. “Thanks for the nice time. Hope you enjoyed my gazoo.”

Adore we told, it is divine.

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